Tiny Homes, Big Impact: Solutions to Solve Huge Housing Problems

Over 11 million low-income families are affected by the nation's current shortage of affordable homes. The dream of homeownership remains out of reach for much of the country's growing population of young professionals, all impacted by the financial ramifications of COVID. More and more, family members resort to multigenerational living to cut costs and pool resources. Due to the housing crisis, this reverted custom may be here to stay with the housing trends occurring. Therefore, Maricopa County Home Show addresses the challenges by featuring solutions on their "Tiny Homes Street of Dreams."

"There is a solution to homeownership," says heart-centered founders behind United Tiny Homes, a company with a dynamic answer to the housing problems, who will be on-site at the Home Show. The answer is one small house. Face it; one tiny home causes one giant dent in the housing crisis. Furthermore, one single unit represents a multi-faceted approach to a complex problem.

At the Maricopa County Home Show, January 7-9, 2022, at the Arizona State Fairgrounds, attendees get close and personal to see the inside of luxury micro mansions and studio pods. Other displays include converted vehicles, wooden yurt, traditional tiny homes, and even a container home.

On location, attendees will learn how a single unit, a tiny house, placed somewhere simple as a backyard, will extend a home's "footprint." Additionally, a tiny home can perch on raw land, a vacation spot, a mobile home park, an RV park, and more. This solution addresses houses of every ilk. The unique designs create lifestyle experiences for young adults. Additionally, they provide recurring revenue opportunities for real estate investors and Airbnb hosts.

Furthermore, the vendor, United Tiny Homes (UTH), will share solutions to explore life on the road with tiny homes on wheels. Additionally, exhibitors show how a tiny home serves as a work-from-home office, an in-law suite, or an apartment for that recent college grad.

Yet, the solutions to the housing crisis don't stop there, according to United Tiny Homes. Attendees will learn how communities can get behind the straightforward collaboration with 'Tiny Home Communities' along with housing and vocational training solutions. These collaborations result in homing opportunities for homeless veterans, increasing this company's social impact.

Attendees can talk with the experts at United Tiny Homes, who help choose the tiny home that best fits the lifestyle desired. Additionally, the company helps determine the ideal location for that tiny house, including reviewing the installation options. Within 60 days, a successful placement often includes securing low-interest financing.

From low-income housing needs to luxury vacation options, United Tiny Homes is for everyone–-even those without four walls to call home. Homelessness is central to UTH's mission. They take the deficit of over 5 million affordable housing units to heart. "Society has a crisis. Millions of people struggle to find a place to live, and millions more are homeless. United Tiny Homes is honored to display solutions at Maricopa County Home Show and share the mission to support as many people as possible," says CEO Kingsbury.

About United Tiny Homes

Arizona-based United Tiny Homes is one of the fastest-growing tiny home sales and manufacturing companies in the country. Founders Gail Kingsbury, Austin Bennet, Maria Simone, and Chad Warren commit to three affordable housing solutions. These solutions include affordable individual and family homes, building intentional Tiny Home communities, and helping eradicate homelessness. Visit www.UnitedTinyHomes.com or contact 928-362-0172, unitedtinyhomes@gmail.com.

About Maricopa County Home Shows

The Maricopa County Home Show takes place January 7-9, 2022, at the Arizona State Fairgrounds. Enjoy over 800 vendors while experiencing the interactive DIY demonstrations and shop-educated seminars. For extra fun, sample the complimentary wine tastings, play the new game "Sandy Pickle," watch the K9 demonstration, and stop to smell the roses while learning about master gardening and essential oils. Tickets available at https://maricopacountyhomeshows.com.


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