Timefulness Technique Reveals New Mindful Productivity Strategies With Time Management Author Steven Griffith

Time management and productivity author Steven Griffith has just released his newest psychology of productivity article on ThriveGlobal. The article shows an excerpt from his highly successful book, The Time Cleanse, published by McGraw Hill. The premise of the excerpt is that everyone needs a new approach to time in our 24/7 connected world, and that approach must deal with how they perform with the time available to them.

Griffith's article invites readers to change their perspective on how they look at time as it passes in their daily lives, taking on a new approach that encourages them to be more productive with the time they have. It is specially catered to help those struggling with time management in today’s post pandemic world, where they are forced to look at their lives and evaluate how to spend time in a more focused way than ever before.

The article touches heavily upon the role that technology plays in people's lives today — and offers a few solutions that may help address these time management issues. Griffith presents results and studies that clearly illustrate and back up his claims. One of these illustrations includes a 2016 study where researchers used an app to capture how many engagements people have with phones each day. The results showed that people touched their phones an average of 2,617 times, resulting in over four hours of phone usage per day.

To address this problem of lost, wasted and distracted time, Griffith proposes the mindset of Timefulness. According to him, the way to get time back is through a change of mindset, being fully aware in the present moment — not just the buzzword of mindfulness but the process of being in the moment where each individual is fully aware of their thoughts, physical presence, emotions, senses and all that is around them, without judgment and with a sense of curiosity.

Griffith says in the excerpt, “In The Time Cleanse, we expand and build on the traditional viewpoint and definition of mindfulness from the perspective of how to perform with time, which I call 'Timefulness' — being fully present in the moment improving the quality, experience and performance with your time. This doesn’t replace mindfulness. Instead, think of Timefulness as a specialized version of it that focuses on being present with time and creating the results you want with it — being mindful with time.”

The article goes on to discuss why being in the present moment enriches every experience and allows individuals to connect more deeply with life and others. One of its main points is that it allows one to be present to what matters most, when it matters most personally. This makes all the difference in where each person puts their time and what it produces for them. Griffith refers to this as, “the ultimate secret weapon in doing, being and having more.”

This is also essential for businesses, as Griffith states, “When it comes to business, Timefulness helps multitaskers be more focused, salespeople close more deals, managers be more efficient and effective and leaders be more motivating, creative and inspiring. It gives you the opportunity to stop and take a step back to gain a bigger perspective on your sense of self and surroundings. It also provides you with a clearer picture of how you are using your time.”

In today’s hyperconnected world, the article shows that not being present can be one of the biggest timesinks anyone can endure. The more present people are, the better they perform. Training oneself to be fully present in the moment allows them to take charge of time in a new way, calling on their talents, intuition, creativity and highest self. This is a phenomenon that Griffith has seen over and over with the executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs, military leaders, pro athletes and celebrities that he has trained in mindfulness, meditation and Timefulness.

The article discussing the previously mentioned topic can also be found on ThriveGlobal's website. Those who want more information about Steven Griffith’s books and training program may visit his website at www.StevenGriffith.com to get started.


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