Time Management Expert Steven Griffith Reveals to Thrive Global Why People May Have A Toxic Relationship With Time

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Psychology of productivity author and high performance coach Steven Griffith has released his newest time management article on ThriveGlobal as a follow up to his book, The Time Cleanse, published by McGraw Hill publishers. The article is about how to know if you have a toxic relationship with time and asks people to take a close look at their lives to see how they think about their time.

The premise of the article is that someone who blames time, or the perceived lack of it, for all of their failures, stresses, and pressures is considered to have a toxic relationship with time. Griffith states in the article that in order to have a positive relationship with time people must see it as an ally, on their side, and in their corner. How someone views their time changes the way they use their time.

Griffith’s article adds that those who have a toxic relationship with time can improve it by doing three simple steps. The first of these three steps listed in the article is "declaring a truce with time". Society has a way of hypnotizing people into believing that it’s time’s fault that they aren’t accomplishing their goals. Instead Griffith suggests viewing time as coming from the individual. They are not separate from it. He concludes saying that only when an individual recognizes that they are the source of their own time can they stop having a dysfunctional and toxic relationship with it.

The article’s second step is to “remain present in the moment.” It describes this step as the key element for being able to transform your relationship with time. He points out that once someone starts living in the present, their life will then become more enriched, inspired, and relevant. It’s also at this point that a person’s creativity, thoughts, and highest state of productivity will also become more focused on what is most important to them in life.

Lastly, the article recommends that people be proactive when it comes to "protecting their time" and learn to recognize it as the valuable, precious, and limited resource that it is. This will help people stop wasting time and start putting up a fight to keep their precious time from being taken away from them.

Griffith states, “Time is not a Thing – It’s a Relationship”. Much of the writing from this psychology of productivity author revolves around this philosophy. His book the ‘Time Cleanse’ is about a proven system to help people eliminate wasted time so people can realize their full potential and focus on what matters the most to them. He believes that those who successfully change their relationship with time will learn to maximize their energy, focus, and performance. The book intends to help readers rebalance their work-life relationship and steadily improve both.

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Those who have read Griffith’s book indicate in the reviews that it has made a huge impact on their lives and how they now make time work for them instead of against them. Dr. Danny Brassell states in his 5-star review, “This book is a life-changer, as I would have grabbed a copy for the downloadables alone. Do you have enough time? No, I don't either, but Griffith shows you how to optimize the time you have by paying attention to how you spend your time. This book will literally help you eliminate the time you are wasting and how to deposit that toward the people and activities you love. I wish they gave this book to every student in America - they could then show their parents what they need to focus on!”

Those who want more time management tips or information about how Steven Griffith’s research and methods can help them, can visit his website at www.StevenGriffith.com.


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