The Woodlands, TX Wildlife Control Company Says Homeowners Need to Keep an Eye Out for Animal Activity as Animals Look for Potential Nests

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The Critter Team, a pest control and wildlife control company servicing The Woodlands, Texas, is advising homeowners in The Woodlands area to keep an eye out for nuisance wildlife activity around their home because some animals are likely to be scouting for places that they can use for having their young. These animals include raccoons, squirrels, skunks, armadillos and roof rats. Squirrels, and raccoons are likely to build their nests in the attic because they usually gain entry into the home or building by using the tree branches that are touching or almost touching a part of the house. Skunks and armadillos can both be found around various parts of the home, including under sheds and decks, in garages and crawl spaces, in stacked wood piles, and their digging is also a telltale sign of activity. Roof rats will likely stay in the attic and in rafters, and also in piles of trash or debris. Find the correct Montgomery County animal services in The Woodlands, TX for nuisance animals, hurt or sick wildlife and other animal needs.

Mike Garrett, owner of The Critter Team, says, “Sometimes you just can’t get away from nature. There’s no shortage of wild animals that seem to prefer an urban lifestyle. That’s when The Critter Team comes in handy. Getting out into nature every once in awhile is a good idea, but living with a skunk, opossum, woodpecker or roof rat is going a little too far. Wild animals can inflict costly damage to your home and property. Pests can also jeopardize the health of you and your family. Give The Critter Team a call the moment you realize that an uninvited animal has moved into your home, barn, shed, garage or yard.”

The Woodlands Texas Wildlife Removal Services The Critter Team

It is important to note that only a licensed specialist in humane wildlife control in The Woodlands Texas should be hired to get rid of animals in the attic or wild animals from the home. This is to be sure that the removal process in done in a manner that is both safe and humane. The Critter Team applies humane trapping methods and equipment to remove animals and pests, dead or alive, from the home or property. Animals in the attic can also damage wood and insulation. And they will leave urine and feces in various places in the home. The Critter Team can handle various issues regarding the nuisance squirrel, such as: removal, control, exclusion, wire chewing, wood chewing, in the attic, in the garage, nest accumulation, wire chewing, nest in car, dead squirrel removal, in the chimney, and more.

They have the requisite expertise in squirrel removal and control. Squirrels usually take refuge in an attic, especially during the winter season. The problem is that they can chew on anything in the house, just like roof rats. If they chew electric wires, this could result into a fire.

Raccoons, just like squirrels, can also be a nuisance. Raccoons usually stay in the attic, window well, chimney, crawl space, basement, and garage. The specialists from The Critter Team are experts in trapping raccoons under sheds, decks, porches, and any other structure where they can hide and feel at ease.

The Critter Team is 100 percent military veteran owned and operated, is licensed by the state of Texas and certified as a full-service animal removal company that serves the greater Houston area. Having been founded and owned by a veteran, Mike Garrett, they ensure that the military work ethic is always followed when serving their customers. Their team is composed of specialists in humanely removing animals and wildlife from the customer’s home and property. Their specialty is humanely getting rid of animals and wildlife from commercial and residential locations. Mike Garrett has been certified by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association on Bat Standards. Which is a certification course on removal of bats in the attic and bat exclusion. He also earned a certificate of completion for the Wildlife Control Operators course. Their main service areas include the cities of: Houston, Conroe, Cypress, Atascocita, Spring, The Woodlands, Kingwood, and Tomball. They serve the neighborhoods of: Kings Lake Estates, Fall Creek, Champions Forest, Grogans Mill, Auburn Lakes, Summerwood, Waters Edge, Kings River Village, The Groves, Eagle Springs, and The Heights.

Those who are interested in pest control and wildlife services in the greater Houston area can check out website of The Critter Team, or contact them on the telephone or through email.


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