The Tactical Games Invites Tactical Athletes To Register For The WV Team Event 2023

The Tactical Games is inviting participants to register for The Tactical Games WV Team Event 2023, scheduled for August 19th and 20th.

Created with a mission to provide a platform to test the skills and readiness of tactical athletes from all backgrounds, The Tactical Games offers a chance for shooters and athletes to compete against the best in the world to find weaknesses and test gear in the most stressful environment a competition can offer. The event is open to all tactical athletes including those in the military along with law enforcement officers (LEO), competition shooters, and civilian gun enthusiasts.

The 2023 West Virginia match will take place at Peacemaker National Training Facility located at 1624 Brannons Ford Rd., Gerrardstown, WV 25420. The match is scheduled to start at 6:00 AM on August 19, 2023, and will end at 8:30 PM on August 20, 2023. Participants can choose to compete in ten different divisions including Women’s Masters 40+, Women’s Tactical Division, Team Division, Men’s Intermediate, Women’s Intermediate, Men’s Masters 50+, Men’s Masters 40+, Men’s Tactical Division, Women’s Elite, and Men’s Elite.

Interested tactical athletes are urged to head over to The Tactical Games’ website and register today to secure their spot for the event.

The scoring system is designed to weigh each stage equally on a 100-point scale to ensure that one stage does not dominate the event. So, the participant’s score on the 100-point scale is a direct representation of how they performed compared to the top score in their division. The points across the event, usually 6 stages, are totaled up to give a point total and the scores are reflected in a percentage of first place, giving final scores. Each participant’s time is converted to seconds and their total penalties, mainly 10 seconds per miss, are added to the time.

Several participants have shared their love and appreciation for the event online in their glowing testimonials. One 5-star review on The Tactical Games Facebook page says, “Great event in Autryville, NC September 2019. Well organized. Excellent mix of ages, experience, and training. Highly competitive both physically and mentally. Great way to learn about yourself.”

Another athlete wrote about the event in their Facebook post, “I’m thankful for his expertise and abilities to help me and the AWESOME community of people at home, in the gym, and at The Tactical Games. The support, encouragement, and sincere pushing each other to put it all out there and then being just as excited for each other’s accomplishments is what makes this the best!”

Apart from the upcoming event in West Virginia, the organization also has several others planned for the rest of the year across the United States including The Tactical Games Nevada Regional 2023 from September 2 to 3, the Barnwell, SC Regional Event at GTI 2023 from September 23 to 24, the Blakely, GA Regional Event at Arena Training Facility 2023 from October 14 to 15, and the 2023 National Championship & Intermediate/Team event from November 3 to 5, 2023.

The spirit of The Tactical Games is best summed up in how the organizers described it in an Instagram post earlier this year. It says, “One of the most incredible things about our sport is the people who compete inside of it. Our community intentionally seeks discomfort. They don’t blame the test; they look inside themselves to understand where their training fell short. They come back better, more prepared, and ready for the next opportunity to push themselves and their gear outside of their current abilities.”

A full breakdown of the event’s rules is available on The Tactical Games’ website including compliance with federal and state laws, general rules, conduct and dispute resolution, competitor safety, equipment, scoring and penalties, re-shoot and range equipment failure, disassembling rules, coaching, and an in-depth discussion of the scoring system along with relevant examples.

The Tactical Games is also encouraging interested readers, who can’t compete but want to be a part of the event, to sign up to volunteer.


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