The Source Addiction Treatment Center in Florida Warns Patients and Their Families Beware of Drug Rehab Bad Actors

Fort Lauderdale, FL - Tragically, bad actors prey on the most vulnerable among us - the elderly, the disabled, even people in desperate need of professional treatment for substance use disorder. Recently, two men were brought up on charges in Massachusetts after they sent people to Florida for addiction treatment which either didn’t exist or was cut short due to non-payment on health insurance plans.

The two men, Timothy Hirsch, 38, and Michael Hislop, 56, were indicted on 9 counts of larceny, 4 counts of conspiracy, and 9 counts of filing false health insurance claims and applications.

Hislop was a well-known member of the local Massachusetts recovery community where he would attend support group meetings and lure people into out-of-state recovery programs in Florida. Hirsch, an insurance agent, would then push through health insurance policies on the client’s behalf with misleading and false information, without the knowledge of the client.

Overall, insurance providers paid out over $730,000 in the incident. Premiums would not be paid in most cases which would lead to clients being asked to leave treatment or be rushed through the program providing ineffective treatment. In other cases, treatment would never be given at all, and in most cases, the person would be left in Florida without housing or any way to get back home.

Massachusetts Attorney General, Maura Healy, who investigated the case said, "People with substance use disorder deserve quality treatment options that are safe and effective. As the opioid epidemic continues to plague our communities, we're not going to let patients and their families be exploited and have their pain further compounded. These indictments are an important step toward holding accountable those who are taking advantage of this growing public health crisis."

The Source – an accredited addiction treatment center in Florida, wants people to be aware that not all detox and rehab centers are the same. Unfortunately, there are many more unsavory characters like Hirsch and Hislop operating in Florida and elsewhere. It's up to clients and their families to do their due diligence to ensure they’re going to a behavioral health center that has their best interests at heart.

The Source encourages people seeking treatment for themselves or a loved one to thoroughly check the legitimacy of a rehab center before deciding to go there. They recommend looking for a center that’s accredited by The Joint Commission and is FARR approved if it's in Florida and operating residences or sober homes. They also recommend checking with the state health department to make sure the licenses of the clinical staff at the facility are valid and in good standing.

It’s also important to check patient reviews of a treatment center on third-party sites like Google. Independent reviews found on sites other than the treatment center’s website help to establish the legitimacy of a rehab center. They also provide valuable insight into actual patient experiences and give a feel for the quality of the staff, the facility, and the treatment provided.

“Our clients continually tell us that they feel like family when they are here and that The Source is like their home away from home. Our job is to love and protect each of our clients until they are able to love and protect themselves,” said Mark Korcok, founder and CEO of The Source.

The Source is an addiction treatment center that’s totally invested in helping anyone who reaches out to them for help. They’ve built a reputation for integrity, dedication, and an inclusive unconditionally caring approach. They’ve received over one hundred heartfelt reviews on Google from former clients and their families thanking the team for helping them to transform their lives. The Source website provides a realistic but optimistic outlook on recovery. There isn’t a quick fix for addiction but rather effective treatments and methods of managing addiction, which will happen over a longer period.

The tailormade treatment plans and trauma-informed care help to set The Source apart, not only from ineffective addiction treatment centers and rehab schemes but also rehab centers that offer a one size fits all approach.

The Source is enthused by the efforts of law enforcement and investigators working to weed out bad actors taking advantage of people in their time of greatest need. They encourage anyone struggling with addiction to continue to seek help from accredited addiction treatment centers with proven records of success.

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