The Rhinoplasty Center Offers The Best Rhinoplasty Services In Newport Beach Area

The Rhinoplasty Center is proud to announce that they offer Newport Beach patients access to the region’s leading rhinoplasty services. The Rhinoplasty Center is dedicated to providing excellent rhinoplasty results and giving patients the nose enhancements they deserve.

As noted on the center’s website, most plastic surgeons in the United States perform less than half a dozen nasal surgeries per year. In fact, less than one percent of plastic surgeons specialize in rhinoplasty, which sets The Rhinoplasty Center apart from other plastic surgery clinics due to one major fact: the center’s surgeon, Dr. Aaron Kosins, dedicates his practice to nasal surgery and is a continuous student, teacher and pioneer of rhinoplasty.

Dr. Kosins is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and he regularly publishes chapters, books and peer-reviewed publications on several fields in plastic surgery, including rhinoplasty. He has presented new anatomy on the nasal bridge and tip cartilages and has been invited to speak at conferences and dissections around the world. He understands natural beauty and commits his skills to giving each patient’s nose as natural-looking a result as possible.

Before operating on a patient’s nose, Dr. Kosins will assess both the nose and the face in order to determine how to achieve the best rhinoplasty results. No two noses are the same, and Dr. Kosins’ experience allows him to determine which techniques will best suit specific noses and face shapes. He explains that the nose is separated into three parts — the upper, middle and lower thirds. Each third is evaluated both on its own merit and with regard to the overall shape of the nose.

The thickness of the skin on the nose also affects the final surgical result. Thin skin allows rhinoplasty surgeons to achieve maximum definition on the nose. However, even tiny irregularities are noticeable and visible on noses with thick skin. Similarly, thick skin makes achieving definition a difficult task to accomplish. This makes a strong cartilaginous framework necessary to push against the skin and achieve definition. Thick skin may have to be rectified with creams and even modification. Bone, cartilage and soft tissue covering are evaluated to ensure that the operation will bring congruence and harmony to the patient’s face.

During the initial consultation, patients will learn about the types of procedures that are suited for their specific nasal shape. The Rhinoplasty Center values explaining their analysis in detail to their patients so that they understand what will be done and why. Patients can rest assured that the specific, personalized method designed for their rhinoplasty will lead to beautiful and natural-looking results.

For the rhinoplasty operation, Dr. Kosins uses Piezosurgery, which was popularized by The Rhinoplasty Center’s now-retired surgeon Dr. Rollin Daniel and his French counterpart, Dr. Olivier Gerbault. Piezosurgery is the most groundbreaking development in rhinoplasty in the past 20 years. While standard operations use a hammer and chisel to break bones so that the bones can be moved, Piezosurgery utilizes ultrasonic vibration to cut hard tissue. This allows Dr. Kosins to perform operations on his patients’ noses without ‘breaking their bones.’ Using piezosurgery, bones can be gently sculpted and cut with less bruising and swelling. Piezosurgery also shortens recovery time.

In addition, Piezosurgery greatly improves a rhinoplasty surgeon’s accuracy and precision. Old procedures were done with instruments placed under or through skin so the surgeons could not really see what was happening. Movement was uncontrolled, and this led to some bone fractures occurring where the surgeons did not want them to. On the other hand, Piezosurgery visualizes all bone cuts, allowing for greater precision and accuracy in sculpting asymmetries and irregularities. This improves the rhinoplasty results, especially with the dorsal aesthetic lines.

Thanks to his aesthetically-pleasing results, previous patients have said good things about the services offered at The Rhinoplasty Center. For instance, a testimonial by Shel Rogers on The Rhinoplasty Center’s website states, "There is a reason Dr Kosins has outstanding reviews. He deserves the 5-Star rating! I'm very happy with the overall experience and results of my rhinoplasty."

The Rhinoplasty Center offers both the experience and the techniques needed in order to provide their patients with the best rhinoplasty results. Patients can head over to their website on to learn more about their full range of services, and they are welcome to reach out to the center’s representatives in order to follow up on any further inquiries.


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