The Real Estate Market is Booming and Dependable Homebuyers Isn’t Surprised

A recent report by Dependable Homebuyers shows that the real estate market rose by significant margins in 2020. Evan Roberts, spokesperson for Dependable Homebuyers, expects the strong real estate market to continue into 2021. He cites an increased demand for starter homes and other affordable properties due to a low interest rate and low inventory.

Dependable Homebuyers also sees the importance of educating potential buyers about investing in real estate and how to navigate rising interest rates. The company firmly believes that a successful real estate business relies on outside investments for an area to truly flourish.

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The lower interest rate atmosphere has created a unique situation indeed. It has essentially given cash real estate investors the opportunity to make a firmer foothold in local markets. More and more homeowners are looking for alternatives to the rigors of selling a home through traditional means. Such an avenue can take upwards of several months, with the time and financial costs becoming such that the seller no longer benefits from the sale itself. This can strike some as remarkable, but it is unfortunately the end result for many.

Dependable Homebuyers is an example of the changes sweeping across the world of real estate. Traditional real estate brokers and agents no longer command the field, as it were. While real estate agents aren’t going to disappear anytime soon, an ever-growing range of homeowners are beginning to see their options. Selling to a cash-heavy real estate investor can be done with ease in this day and age. Dependable Homebuyers has established themselves as the leading authority in this field thanks to articles like the one they published here.

Dependable Homebuyers is a “We Buy Homes” company that specializes in buying homes from homeowners without going through a real estate agency. Homeowners wanting to sell their homes are often burdened by additional fees that take money out of their hands, such as a percentage of the sale going to the agent for commission, closing costs, appraisal fees, etc.

Using traditional means to sell a home can take up to a year because the market is oversaturated with more sellers than buyers. Dependable Homebuyers buys the homes directly from the seller. They are the buyer. Homeowners don’t have to wait for a buyer to be approved for a loan or deal with the appraisals or repairs.

The Dependable Homebuyers company has its own inspection process that can be completed in a day after the homeowner contacts them to potentially sell their home. If the home is in need of repairs, Dependable Homebuyers use their own contractors after the sale is complete. Homeowners don’t need to make repairs or renovations before selling the home.

Once the inspection is complete, a cash offer will be presented to the homeowner. They are under no obligation to accept the cash offer, but if they do, the money will be theirs within ten business days.

Dependable Homebuyers offers homeowners the option of selling the home and then staying on as a tenant. The company strives to bring affordable housing to Nashville and other cities across the country.

Home sale prices have increased substantially. This has proven that the real estate market is far stronger than it was this time a few years ago. There are far fewer homes on the market currently than there were this time last year. Many experts contribute this to homes being moved quickly when placed on the market.

Contact the local Dependable Homebuyers for more information on the real estate opportunities, or visit them online. Dependable Homebuyers purchases homes directly from homeowners. No real estate agents, closing costs or other hassles.

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