The PRT Group Welcomes Diamond Asphalt Rejuvenation to Their Team

Pavement Rejuvenation Technologies Group (PRT Group) is happy to announce that Diamond Asphalt Rejuvenation has joined them to help supply their products and services throughout Florida. This company already has an established reputation in Florida for superior job performance and excellent customer service when it comes to maintaining and improving the looks of asphalt surfaces. The move is expected to greatly expand access to the PRT Group’s quality products in the state of Florida and it will also enable the group to more efficiently serve their customers’ asphalt restoration needs there.

The PRT Group’s founding member, Rodger Rowles, says, “We could not be more pleased to welcome Diamond Asphalt Rejuvenation into our group. Their many successful years in the asphalt restoration business not only gives them the type of experience at this job that we like our group members to have, but they also have a reputation for being a trustworthy and customer-oriented company. Those who need asphalt restoration services in Florida will love the one-two punch that this new working relationship brings to the state.” Rowles continued by saying that Diamond Asphalt Rejuvenation’s main office is located at 34 Industrial Loop Unit 211 in Orange Park, FL. That location allows them quick access to Interstate 295 so they can quickly distribute the PRT Groups products to the job sites where they are needed all over the state. Their facility also has ample on-site storage, so they will never have any problems maintaining enough inventory to quickly meet the ever-increasing demand for their products in the state.

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Rowles says that he started the PRT Group, which is now an international organization, to bring together qualified dealers and applicators that want to specialize in using the latest and best technologies for the chemical rejuvenation of asphalt pavements. The group dates back to the early 1990s. He added that they now use a pavement maintenance product that is unique to members of their group. It’s called the ‘Asphalt Rejuvenator Treatment’ and this time-tested product is getting rave reviews from those that have had it applied to the asphalt surfaces on their properties.

The company’s founding member stated that businesses benefit from asphalt rejuvenation services because their products are designed to help their customers avoid the time-consuming, inconvenience-causing, and costly task of asphalt repaving. Asphalt makes for an excellent drive-on surface but over time exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, natural wear & tear, and unavoidable weathering will cause it to become dry and brittle as it ages. He says that asphalt rejuvenators like they use provide the ideal solution for restoring the looks and preserving the durability and lifespan of pavement. Rowles went on to say that the asphalt rejuvenation process that they use requires only a single step to apply. It also doesn’t just coat the surface but it penetrates down into the asphalt. Not only does this make it look like new but it decreases an asphalt surface’s brittleness by giving it increased flexibility. This helps prevent common asphalt breakdowns such as chipping, cracking, and chunking which often leads to expensive repaving needing to be done. He says that the quality of their asphalt rejuvenation products is so high that it even meets strict FAA & other government agency specifications. It’s also much less weather-sensitive than asphalt sealing products.

Rowles went on to say that the list of properties that can use their asphalt restoration services is a lengthy one. That list includes government facilities, airports, hospitals, apartment complexes, shopping malls, places of worship, schools, and arena’s & stadiums. Asphalt residential streets, county roads, and highways also need to regularly have their surfaces rejuvenated. He added that even small businesses that have only limited asphalt-covered parking spaces and drives can better maintain those and keep them looking good by using their group members' services.

The company founder mentioned that those who are interested in their pavement rejuvenation services can contact them from 9 am to 5 pm Monday thru Friday. They can be reached by phone, email, or by filling out the message form on their website’s ‘contact us’ page.


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