The Personal Injury Attorneys of Woodlawn to Hold a Webinar on Slip and Fall Accidents

Woodlawn, MD – The personal injury attorneys of Woodlawn’s Maryland Injury Guys have recently announced their upcoming next webinar. It will be focused on providing the community with facts about slip and fall accidents and the steps victims should take. For more information, visit their website:

The legal team at Woodlawn’s Maryland Injury Guys will be hosting their next webinar on January 6, 2022, at 6:30 p.m. EST., through Google Hangout. Catering to the service areas of Woodlawn, Woodbridge Valley, Sandtown-Winchester, Woodberry, Mondawmin, Leakin Park, Wakefield, Mt. Holly, West Forest Park, Howard Park, Windsor Terrace, Adil Meadows, Edmonson, Security Square, Franklintown, West Edmondale, and more, the personal injury attorneys of Woodlawn will be offering advice on what people should do if they or a loved one has been a victim of personal injuries.

Slip and Fall attorney in Woodlawn

“Our slip and fall accident lawyers wanted to share some information as we get into winter and icy conditions. Slip and falls can cause major injuries regardless of how old you may be. In the wintertime we need to be especially careful as conditions can be icy and slippery.” stated managing personal injury lawyer, Aaron Blank, Esq. “In our upcoming webinar, we look forward to sharing more information on slip and fall accidents and lawsuits if you have fallen at a business or other public property. We will be holding time after the presentation for any questions you may have,” he added.

The local office for Maryland Injury Guys is at 6666 Security Boulevard Blvd. #4, Baltimore, MD 21207. For those who want more information on the webinar or need help with a personal injury case, a helpline is also available 24/7 at (410) 762-3030.

Those who would like to keep up with the Woodlawn personal injury lawyers, look out for more webinars to come and read their previous press release here.


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