The Painting Pros Stresses Importance of Deck Restoration Before Winter Comes

The Painting Pros, Inc., a painting contractor company based in Los Gatos, CA, wants to stress the importance of homeowners and other property owners in northern California to get their redwood decks restored, cleaned, and sealed before the colder winter months arrive. Deck refinishing can help preserve the beautiful wood and save them money in the long term. With the current high cost of lumber, especially for redwood, it is a great idea to protect the investment they have made for their beautiful decks, that do not just enhance the home’s value but also allow them to extend their entertainment space and enjoy the refreshing outdoors. The Painting Pros offers deck cleaning and restoration as can be seen at

Redwood is a traditional building material that has made a comeback because of its advantages as material for decks. And as long as the redwood is harvested from “new growth” trees from sustainably maintained forests, redwood can be considered as an environmentally friendly material. It is a suitable material for decking because it is the most fire-resistant among the different materials available and it is very stable and straight. It is also naturally resistant to weathering and wood-boring insects without needing to be coated with preservative chemicals.

It is therefore understandable that redwood lumber would have a higher price compared to other kinds of lumber. And prices have gone up further because of the current shortage of redwood lumber as a result of the lock downs. Thus, it is a great idea to conserve an existing redwood deck through cleaning, restoration, and refinishing. Cleve Dayton, founder and President of The Painting Pros, Inc., says, “There’s nothing like relaxing on a beautiful deck, having coffee, a meal or a cocktail. But just like the interior of your home, if it’s not looking its best, you may be reluctant to use it like you should. Get the deck refinishing and repair services you’re looking for by hiring The Painting Pros before the cold winter weather arrives.”

The professionals from The Painting Pros will complete a number of steps in order to provide deck restoration. These are: inspection; repair or replacement; cleaning; standing/ stripping; and staining/ painting.

When inspecting the deck, they will assess the whole deck, including railings, stairs, posts, and other wood structures. They will take note of any damaged, rotting, or warped wood, including the presence of any mold or mildew. Next, they will repair or replace many wooden parts that are rotting, damaged, or warped. Any nails that have popped up will be removed and then replaced with deck screws, which are more secure and more durable.

With regards to cleaning, the method they will use will depend on how often the deck has been maintained in the past. It is their recommendation that decks be cleaned and inspected every year. If this has been done, the deck may just need to be cleaned with a deck cleaner, garden hose, and brush. However, if it has been several years since the deck has been cleaned, a pressure washer may be required to eliminate the accumulated dirt and stains.

After cleaning the deck, they will provide sanding or stripping, depending on whether or not the deck has been well-maintained. Depending on the condition of the deck, the existing stain may have to be stripped and some sanding may be required.

And finally, after the deck has been fully cleaned and repaired, they can apply paint or stain, depending on the owner’s preference. They usually provide water-based or semi-transparent oil-based stains. But if the homeowner prefers it, they can apply an opaque deck paint. And depending on the condition of the wood, several coats may be provided to ensure that the deck will last longer and will look its best.

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