The Manchester Factory Shares Expert Advice On Caring For Bamboo Cotton Sheets

The Manchester Factory, based in Marrickville, NSW, is taking another step in their commitment to customer service by helping their community take better care of their bamboo cotton sheets. In particular, the company is eager to help customers learn how they can improve the lifespan of their beloved sheets by following the appropriate washing and care guidelines. Learn more about bamboo sheets at the following link:

Bamboo cotton sheets, such as the type offered at The Manchester Factory, are widely recognised for the soft and luxurious comfort they offer. The manufacture of these sheets and the material they are woven from (bamboo fibres, as the name suggests), both contribute to their durability as well as their gently pliable surface. While several types of bamboo cotton sheets exist, only the best are available at The Manchester Factory, and the company acknowledges that this is why customers always want to do their utmost to preserve their sheets.

Contrary to what many may expect, the company begins by affirming that bamboo sheets can indeed be machine washed without running the risk of damage or undue wear and tear. It is recommended that sheets be washed in cold water on a gentle cycle, however, and customers are cautioned to wash their sheets separately from other fabrics (including cotton clothes, towels and so on). Learn more about what makes The Manchester Factory's bamboo sheets unique at the following link:

Laundry detergent may be used as well, though a mild variety is recommended for use with bamboo sheets. Following the same standard of care, many may prefer to use washing powder as it is more convenient in certain situations. In such cases, the powder must first be dissolved in cold water. This will help eliminate the risk of the sheets suffering any abrasions.

Furthermore, bamboo fibers have the unique ability to remain soft after a wash, which means the sheets retain this quality as well. In practice, this in turn means that customers may skip the fabric softener during laundry day if all they are washing is their bamboo sheets. Notably, they are also strongly advised against the use of bleach in any amount as it is extremely harsh and is likely to damage the integrity of the sheet’s fibers.

Continuing with the theme of convenience, The Manchester Factory is pleased to inform customers that bamboo sheets need not receive any special attention to help the dry. While options such as tumble drying should be avoided due to their likelihood of causing adverse effects (such as shrinkage), line drying is more than suitable for the task. However, in the event the customer needs to use the dryer and has no other options, running the machine on low heat or a gentle cycle will help limit shrinkage. Once dry, they can be stored in much the same way as other sheets — in a cool, dry location that is sheltered from direct sunlight.

In summary, The Manchester Factory states that bamboo sheets can be washed both easily and conveniently as long as certain precautions are taken during the process. While these sheets are renowned for their durability, they can be damaged if washed incorrectly. In every aspect of the process, the company says, bamboo sheet owners should simply remember that a gentle touch is usually enough. High temperatures, rough wash cycles, harsh chemicals and so on are ill-advised options that would reduce the luxurious quality of bamboo sheets as well as reduce their lifespan. The right approach is always a soft one. When in doubt, caution is usually the wiser option.

More information regarding The Manchester Factory and their products can be found on their official website. Similarly, customers are welcome to peruse their blog for more insight on bamboo sheet care and other topics. Those interested may contact the team directly or connect through their preferred social media platforms to stay up to date with the company’s latest announcements and offers. Learn more about bamboo sheets and what makes them unique here:


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