The Manchester Factory Posts New Blog that Discusses Why a Pillow Protector is an Essential Bedroom Item

The Manchester Factory is a reputable family-owned business that takes great pride in selling high-quality bed Linens and homewares at affordable prices. They are also known for having outstanding customer service. Part of that is keeping their customers informed through the use of the informational blogs that they post on their website. Their latest blog discusses why Pillow Covers should be considered to be an important bedroom item. The title of this new blog is called ‘Pillow Protectors - Your Bedroom Essential’ and it can be seen here at

Dimi, a spokesperson for The Manchester Factory, says, “There are many reasons that we have grown from being a one-brand shop in the early 2000s to a company that now boasts carrying over 30 big brand names. One of those reasons is the excellent prices on the quality linens and housewares that we sell but we also believe our exceptional customer service has something to do with this too. Posting blogs such as the one that talks about the benefits of pillow protectors is all a part of that. We will continue to strive to be a business that keeps our customers informed as to the latest trends in linens and housewares.”

The new company blog started by stating that it’s kind of a mystery why more people do not purchase pillow protectors. Especially since they are used for the same type of purpose as mattress protectors and these are a very popular item. Pillow protectors are also a nice bedroom comfort-enhancing item. The article noted that this is a place that many people will spend almost half of their lives in, so it’s only natural that should want to add items like pillow protectors that will help make any bedroom more comfortable to be in. Pillow protectors allow people to be more comfortable when they sleep, read, or watch TV in bed. The blog also talked about some of the other benefits that pillow protectors offer besides adding comfort. This includes providing a layer of protection to protect pillows from absorbing dirt, oils, sweat, and dandruff. They will even discourage bedbugs from trying to make a home in someone’s pillows. Also mentioned in the newly posted blog is that pillow protectors are an affordable option that will help extend the useful life of someone’s favorite sleep-enhancing pillow. They are even very easy to keep clean because they can be washed just like any other type of bedroom linen.

Dimi says that their company knows so much about pillow protectors because they carry some very good ones in their store’s inventory. This includes their Tontine Luxe Soft Cotton Pillow Protectors. They can be seen here at These popular pillow protectors are sold in packs of two and are among the softest and most stylish pillow protectors that are made. The company spokesperson says that they are made using 100% premium cotton that is woven with a very decorative stain pipping finish. They also include an easy-working zipper opening and are extremely machine washing friendly. She added that they are made to fit any standard size pillow and are available only in white because they will be hidden from view once a pillowcase has been placed over them.

According to Dimi, another one of their more sought-after pillow protectors is their Odyssey Living Terry Towelling Waterproof Pillow Protector. As the name indicates, they are very unique because of their ability to repel stain-causing liquids. He added that these pillow protectors also come in packs of two, fit all standard-size pillows, and are completely machine washing compatible. Not only are they waterproof, but they also are hypoallergenic, breathable, and provide an impactful barrier to help keep out dust mites. These pillow protectors can be viewed here at

Those who would like to know more about the pillow protectors, linens, and housewares that this New South Wales company offers, can get that information by referring to the company website.


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