The Manchester Factory Explains What Makes Sateen Weave Bamboo Bedding So Comfortable in New Blog Post

The Manchester Factory, a company based in Marrickville, NSW, Australia, has recently published a blog post that explains why sateen weave bamboo bed sheets are naturally soft and truly luxurious. The sateen weave is a three-yarn-over and one-yarn-under weave that results in more surface areas of the bamboo fibre being exposed. Thus, this kind of weave provides the bamboo bed sheet with a soft feel, just like silk, at a much lower price compared to silk sheets. The bamboo bed sheet is both gentle and durable, which makes it suitable for people with allergies and even babies.

The Manchester Factory is a family-owned enterprise that is focused on offering quality bed linens and homewares in Sydney and neighbouring areas. The business was established in the early 2000’s with a warehouse in Alexandria when they had only one brand. At present, they stock more than 30 brands from leading brand names, such as Linen House, Sheridan & Tontine, Sienna Living, and some less known direct importer brands. They now do business through their retail store front in Marrickville, and their online business is supplied by a larger warehouse, also found in Marrickville.

Dimi, a spokesperson for The Manchester Factory, says, “Adding an Egyptian cotton blend to bamboo sheets increases durability, and helps the bamboo sheets to hold their shape. Some bamboo sheets are made without a sateen weave and with cheap cotton blends. The best bamboo sheets have both a sateen weave and an Egyptian cotton blend. Such bed sheets are available in The Sienna Living Bamboo Collection.”

The one-yard-under and three-yarn-over sateen weave of their bamboo bed sheets provides a luminous sheen and a silky and feather-like feel. The bamboo fibres ensure that the fabric is breathable and provide both strength and temperature regulating ability. They are also moisture reducing, which means that exposure to mildew and dust mites is minimised.

These bamboo sheets also have antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and odour-resistant characteristics, which means babies and people with sensitive skins will have no problem using them. People can remain cool and dry even during the hot summer nights because the fabric wicks moisture away from the body. And because it is breathable, it permits heat to escape, thus preventing the body from getting too warm at night. These bamboo sheets are much stronger than bed sheets made of other materials and they are blended with cotton to make sure that they won’t stretch and get out of shape when wet.

The Sienna Living Bamboo Collection is made up of sateen weave bamboo sheets that offer softness and luxurious comfort while also providing maximum breathability. The natural breathability of bamboo permits heat to escape, thus keeping a person comfortable in bed, making the Sienna Living range suitable for the hot summer nights in Australia. This collection is made up of fitted sheets, pillow cases, mattress protectors, quilts, quilt covers, and sheet sets. They are available in various sizes, including double, king, king single, long single, mega king, mega queen, queen, single, split king, and super kind.

Examples of items in The Sienna Living Bamboo Collection are the: Sienna Living Bamboo Cotton 400 Thread Count sheet set; Sienna Living Bamboo Cotton 400 Thread Count fitted sheet; Sienna Living Bamboo Cotton 400 Thread Count pillowcase pair; Sienna Living Summer bamboo quilt; Sienna Living bamboo mattress protector; Sienna Living All Seasons bamboo quilt; and Sienna Living Bamboo Cotton 400 Thread Count white quilt cover set in various colours.

The Manchester Factory provides various kinds of bamboo linen, such as blankets, coverlets, European pillow cases, electric blankets, flannelette, fitted sheets, pillow cases, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, pillow protectors, pillows, quilts, quilt covers, wool underlays, sheet sets, and valances. Available through The Manchester Factory Outlet are beach towels, coverlets, mattress protectors, European pillow cases, valances, table cloths, sheet sets, and quilt covers.

Those who are interested in learning more about the bamboo bedding products available from The Manchester Factory may want to check out their website or contact them through email.


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