The Mabra Law Firm in Atlanta Moves To A New Office Location

The Mabra Law Firm is proud to announce the opening of its new office at 1231 Booth St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318. The new state-of-the-art law office is open and ready to serve victims injured in personal injury accidents. The Mabra Firm boasts a team of top personal injury lawyers in Atlanta, GA, who specialize in fighting for victims of car, truck, motorcycle accidents, catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, and premises liability.

Ronnie E. Mabra, Jr. is the leading personal injury attorney and founder of the Mabra Law Firm. They founded the law firm in 2007 to serve the Atlanta area community. As the top Atlanta personal injury law firm, Ronnie is well-known for his charismatic personality. Peers and clients swear by their knowledge, work ethic, and expertise in handling the most challenging personal injury cases in Atlanta.

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Ronnie, a native of Georgia, is also a former member of the Georgia House of Representatives. One of their most notable achievements as a public servant was their large role in House Bill 828, which increased protection for accident victims. The legislation restricted the release of the victim’s personal information.

An attorney of integrity, Ronnie leads a team of personal injury lawyers who are dedicated to successfully advocating for injured victims and their families. They also have a notable presence in the Atlanta personal injury niche and have recovered millions of dollars for Georgians injured due to someone else’s negligence. The top Atlanta personal injury attorney has many other accomplishments to their credit. The Mabra Law Firm works tirelessly to support charitable endeavors throughout the Atlanta community.

“We distinguish ourselves as being a part of the community, serving people, helping people, and being there through the entire process. We don’t just see someone as a client, but as a family member, and when you see someone as a family member, you go all out,” says Mabra.

Additionally, the Atlanta personal injury law firm has a strong presence on social media, from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Their personal injury attorneys understand the victim’s pain and suffering after an accident caused by someone else. They are aware of the physical, emotional, and financial distress of victims.

The Mabra Firm is dedicated to getting justice and the maximum financial compensation for its clients. Their expertise, work ethic, and values are what separates them from other Atlanta injury lawyers. The Mabra Firm is available for a free consultation at 404-344-5255.


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