The Law Offices of Purav Bhatt Now Offering The Best Drug Attorney Chicago Services

People in Chicago and the surrounding areas can now get access to the best drug attorney Chicago services by The Law Offices of Purav Bhatt. The law firm aims at making sure people charged with drug charges have the right representation in court.

According to the law firm, “In a DUI case, you can be charged with either a misdemeanor or felony offense depending on the specific facts. Being charged with a DUI can become a felony if you do not have a valid driver’s license, if someone was hurt as the result of an accident or if you left the scene of an accident. Regardless of whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony DUI, you will face license suspensions or revocations, fines up to $2500 for misdemeanors and $25,000 for felony offense, alcohol/drug counseling, victim impact panels, required DUI related insurance (SR-22), having a breath device (BAIID) installed in your car before you can drive it, the possibility of criminal convictions or jail/prison sentences, the loss of your vehicle to impounding.Because of the host of consequences one faces when arrested for a DUI, having a knowledgeable and capable DUI attorney on your side is vital.”

About The Law Offices of Purav Bhatt

At The Law Offices of Purav Bhatt clients get professional representation handled by experienced attorneys. The trial lawyers at Purav Bhatt offer the most effective criminal defense. The layers understand the importance of criminal defense in Chicago. The law firm aims at getting the best results in all the cases they handle and the leader, Mr Bhatt is a professional attorney with vast experience in criminal law. Clients will get the attention they need to make sure that all the details are clear and that the defense attorney knows how to approach the case to get the best results.


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