The Homestar Group Offers Professional Water Damage Restoration In Atlanta

Conyers, GA based The Homestar Group is pleased to offer professional water damage restoration services to residential and commercial property owners in the greater Atlanta, GA area. The company prides itself in offering high quality water removal and water damage cleanup services, and they specialize in all aspects of drying, repair, cleanup and dehumidification.

The Homestar Group provides customers with a total solution to any water restoration problem that requires immediate attention. Whether it be from an overflowing sink, toilet or other source, their team of professionals will quickly respond and resolve the problem to restore peace of mind to property owners. As noted on their website, The Homestar Group offers a full range of property restoration services that include water damage repair, water extraction, wood floor water damage repair, storm damage cleanup, disaster restoration, sewage cleanup and more.

Atlanta water damage restoration

These services can be utilized to rescue a property before water damage permanently disfigures a property, so the company encourages their community to get in touch quickly if they require assistance. First and foremost, property owners who have experienced a water damage problem should not attempt to clean up the mess on their own. In fact, doing so can make matters worse and lead to additional expenses down the line.

It is critical for property owners to act quickly to remove excess water, taking care not to let the problem spread to the surrounding areas. If left unattended, water damage can cause mold and mildew to develop that could be extremely harmful and costly to remove.

When sewage water damage has occurred, The Homestar Group notes that it is necessary to call a professional sewage cleanup company as soon as possible. Sewage water damage can contain several types of bacteria and germs that can become airborne and pose a serious health risk. Professional sewage cleanup services are not only critical to prevent the spread of these health hazards but also to prevent further damage and help make repairs as quickly and safely as possible.

The Homestar Group is one of the very few property restoration companies in the greater Atlanta, GA area that specializes in Atlanta water damage restoration. The company's technicians are certified and experienced professionals who handle every aspect of water damage repair, sewage cleanup, water extraction, dehumidification, drying and more. They are also trained in the field of sanitizing, making them uniquely qualified to complete any job with additional peace of mind for their customers.

The Homestar Group is fully licensed and insured, providing their customers with a high level of protection against any problems that may arise while their technicians are on the job. Their rates are also some of the most competitive in the field, and they provide free quotes when requested.

The Homestar Group regularly receives excellent reviews from customers as a result of their work. In a 5-Star review on Homeadvisor, Hoyt S. says, "The people that were sent to help me so that restoration could begin were amazing! I have never seen the speed and the organization that was performed by Melody, Britt and Nate when they arrived at my house. They were prepared, friendly and began right away and made things move in labeled boxes so fast they seemed to disappear. The job I thought would last five days was basically done in one. Thanks for sending me this crew, and I would recommend them any time."

Meanwhile, in a glowing Facebook recommendation, Kimberlee F. says, "After extensive hurricane damage, I oversaw the repairs of my son's home while he was deployed overseas. Everything went great (with a few minor bumps.) Recently, a neighbor alerted me that a small amount of fascia was missing. I called Becky Childress, and within two weeks the damage was inspected, and within another two weeks the work was done. Weather kept the repair from occurring sooner. I would definitely recommend Becky and The Homestar Group for any construction work you need done. I would not hesitate to call them again."

Those who are in need of quality and affordable Atlanta water damage cleanup services may check out The Homestar Group's website for more details. Customers may also connect with Homestar Group on social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements.


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