The Gift Of Scent Unveils New Holiday Collections Aroma Diffusers

The Gift of Scent, based in Pflugerville, TX, is pleased to announce that their holiday collections are now available for purchase. According to the store, the product line in question went through a major revamp and upgrade, with new offers and products added to entice new and existing customers alike.

As their name implies, The Gift of Scent specializes in giving their community access to some of the best fragrances on the market via numerous innovative and aesthetically pleasing products. Since the team takes their work extremely seriously, ensuring customers can always purchase something that suits their mood and needs, holiday collections by Gift of Scent are carefully designed to reflect the true holiday spirit and bring appropriate scents to any environment. This December, the company has refreshed their Christmas-themed line in order to spruce up their community’s homes with a touch more elegance and cheer.

“We’re always working to improve our products,” states Jeffrey Smith of The Gift of Scent. “Our customers have loved everything we make for ages, but that’s no reason to stop innovating or discovering new ways they can enjoy their favorite fragrances. This Christmas, we invite you to make your home truly smell like the holidays with our Fragrance-Infused Scented Holiday Ornaments and Glitter Domes Plugables Home Fragrancers — which decoratively diffuse long-lasting aroma oils over a period of 30 days. Relax and enjoy yourself well into the New Year!” Learn more about the Gift of Scent product diffusers by visiting their website.

The Gift Of Scent Unveils New Holiday Collections Aroma Diffusers

In keeping with the season, each fragrant item included in the holiday collections has been creatively tweaked to match the beauty and wonder of Christmas. From relatively simple items, such as the Crisp Night Air Scented Holiday Ornament and Festive Pine Scented Holiday Ornament (snowflake and pine tree-shaped ornaments that give off strong, lovely scents) to the company’s signature Glitter Domes (which each boast a different festive design), this holiday collection has something for everyone. Notably, many of these items are also available in multiple fragrances, allowing homeowners to tune their product’s scent exactly to their preferences.

As the company states in their product description for the Festive Pine Scented Holiday Ornament, homeowners may, “Add a fragrant atmosphere to your holiday gathering by hanging Scented Holiday Ornaments on your tree, wreath, or wherever else you want more holiday cheer. Artificial trees are so convenient. But they lack the ambience of the real thing, so hang a couple of these Festive Pine scented ornaments on a branch and no one can tell the difference.”

Smith observes that much of the way people perceive the world has to do with scent. While it is commonly understood that losing a sense of smell can also affect a person’s sense of taste, relatively few are aware that surrounding themselves with the wrong scent can negatively affect their mood and bearing. Fortunately, however, the opposite is true as well, and the right scent can help you attain greater peace of mind, focus and more.

“It’s been a long year for all of us,” says Smith, “and it looks like the tough times are not quite done yet. It’s up to us to take joy in every moment we can, and The Gift of Scent is hoping that our products will help make this goal more achievable for everyone in our community this holiday season. Many of us will be celebrating alone or find ourselves unable to visit family this year. It is our hope that you can begin to feel a sense of home with one of our fragrant products.” The company also extends an open invitation to those who wish to interact with a community of aroma enthusiasts, sharing their favorite essential oils and more through their preferred online platforms.

Those who wish to learn more about the company’s products may contact The Gift of Scent today to get started. Additional information can be found on the company’s official website as well, and interested parties may reach out to Jeffrey Smith of The Gift of Scent directly for further assistance. Similarly, the company can be reached on their social media platforms where they regularly share news and offers with their community.


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