The Eczema Soap Now Doing Business As Eczema Care Company

The Eczema Soap is a small business that launched in 2018 and offers natural, handmade soaps designed for Eczema relief but is ideal for all skin types. The owner has stated that the business is now Eczema Care Company but their product has not changed at all.

We are still creating our honey and oatmeal handmade soap bars; we are simply doing business as Eczema Care Company now, rather than The Eczema Soap. The name change was actually done to prevent any confusion with other products available on the market today,” the owner said.

Now we can continue to build our brand without worry of confusing consumers and this makes it easier for consumers to remember us and differentiate us from other similar products or companies,” she added. “Our soap recipe has not changed, nor has the way we make it; by hand. Our customers can continue to use it and enjoy the relief it offers their skin.

In addition to the new name for the business, the company now also offers subscription plans.

We reached out to our loyal customers to see if there was an interest in subscription options. There was! So we launched this feature in June of 2021 and it’s been a great success so far. It makes it much more convenient for customers to get their bar soap when they need it without having to take the time to visit our website and place an order, every single time. Now they can click a button and it’s automatically mailed to them. This streamlined process will also make us more efficient on the backend of things, allowing us to focus on ways to better deliver the service and products our customers really want,” the owner added.

Eczema Care Company has also launched a newly redesigned website that they hope users find easy to navigate and interact with. Interested consumers can learn more by visiting them online at


For more information about Eczema Care Company, contact the company here:

Eczema Care Company
Tara Williams
(913) 232-2414
Overland Park, KS