The Eczema Soap Continuing to Offer Online Shopping

When the pandemic struck the U.S. local companies everywhere were hit very hard. The best way to try and work around the possibility of completely shutting down was through online shopping and that’s exactly what this small business decided to do. The Eczema Soap moved fully online during the early months of COVID-19, but has since had extreme success with the unplanned move.

We have been able to reach a wider audience and connect with so many more people, offering our soaps online rather than in-store only. We have had steady sales and continue to offer special promotions regularly to benefit our loyal customers. We’re learning how to navigate the online world and connect with our customers because it’s very different than making in-person connections,” the business owner stated.

Original Honey & Oatmeal Eczema Soap

Many consumer trends have been changing since the start of the pandemic. One trend is consumers looking for more ‘natural’ products. From household cleaners to pet care products to skincare products, more people are paying closer attention to all these aspects that they once didn’t put much thought in. The Eczema Soap hopes to fulfill one of those needs, which is providing natural bar soap for all skin types.

“Soap is in demand more-so than usual and has been for awhile now. People that used to randomly grab soap from the shelves pre-pandemic are now paying attention to the labels on the things they buy. Our handmade honey and oatmeal bar soap contains only natural ingredients and is very affordable in comparison to similar soaps. We love that consumers can pronounce every ingredient on our label,” the owner said.

Their bar soap is also environment-friendly with their paper sleeve being recyclable. For those paying careful attention to the products they put on their skin, The Eczema Soap’s handmade bar soap may be worth consideration. The business is still small but has been slowly building brand awareness and with their 5 star reviews and superior customer service, they are breaking out in e-commerce quickly and defiantly.

Learn more about the company and their bar soap by visiting them online at or give them a call if one has a question or want to place an order by phone.

We hope to see continued success with our e-commerce efforts and truly appreciate the loyal customers we have gained in such a short amount of time,” the owner said. “It can be hard to get noticed in today’s social media world but we cannot express how great it’s been connecting with our customers this way,” the owner added.


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The Eczema Soap
Tara Williams
Livingston, TX