The Ductless Directory Announces the Ductless All-Stars

In every profession, there are always a select few companies who train harder, who are more committed and strive to be the top of their field. This type of company is considered the best of the best. When it comes to HVAC contractors, the Ductless Directory has identified these top performers and is proud to announce The Ductless All-Stars. These contractors have been vetted and selected for their strong work ethic, superior technical abilities, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

“Many homeowners don’t realize that the most important step when going ductless is to make sure to hire the right contractor. Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your home comfort; hire a Ductless All-Star today," says Michelle LaFrance, Founder of The Ductless Directory.

Meet the Ductless All-Stars

Not all contractors are created equal. In fact, the quality of a contractor can vary greatly, which is why the first step is to make sure to choose a contractor wisely. It is important to note that the level of home comfort is directly connected to a professional installation. Some contractors take shortcuts, some contractors miss important pieces, some contractors don’t have the right tools, some mistakenly treat ductless like a slam dunk or a one-size-fits solution. Nothing could be further from the truth, which is why you want to hire a contractor with credentials, and one that is capable of meeting your needs. This is exactly why the Ductless All-Stars program was born.

As the popularity of ductless mini splits continues to grow, it becomes more important for consumers to understand the benefits of working with a Ductless All-Star contractor. A quality ductless contractor is essential to the successful installation and operation of a ductless mini split system. They’ll do three important things: they’ll match the right product to your needs, determine proper product placement and ensure a professional installation.

LaFrance went on to add, "When it comes to choosing the right contractor, brand, model, and price are far less important than the contractor's qualifications. It is essential to work with a contractor who is qualified and capable of meeting your needs. A quality contractor will install your system properly and ensure that it functions correctly for years to come."

It’s important to remember that when comparing contractors, you are never comparing apples to apples. Some contractors can offer better warranties because the factory that authorized them feels confident that they’ll deliver a quality installation. This is important to note because most comfort issues that arise can be traced back to an improper installation.

Every ductless installation is a custom installation. No two systems are the same, and each one is tailored to the specific needs of the customer. This is what makes ductless mini splits so unique and popular; they can be customized to meet the needs of any home.

While a ductless mini split system is gaining in popularity for many reasons. Some mistakenly believe it’s an easy installation; however, looks can be deceiving. The installation process is not as straightforward as some homeowners might think. In fact, attempting to install a ductless mini split yourself could result in serious problems down the road. There are three primary reasons why you should always hire a qualified contractor to install your ductless system: Improper installation can void the manufacturer's warranty; Incorrectly installed ductless mini splits can be a safety hazard, and ductless systems require special tools and training for proper installation.

LaFrance concludes, "The bottom-line is that deciding on the right contractor is the first and most important decision to make. Hire a Ductless All-Star contractor and rest assured knowing that your system has been installed correctly and will function properly for years to come. These contractors have been vetted and selected for their strong work ethic, superior technical abilities, and commitment to both safety and customer satisfaction."

Consumers can find out more about the Ductless All Star in a blog post on the Ductless Directory and via a recently released video featuring this elite group.

The Ductless Directory is the premier online consumer resource for ductless mini split contractors. The launch of its new Ductless All-Stars program is the natural next step in its mission to help Top Ductless Contractors connect with quality conscious consumers in the most efficient manner possible. Any contractor interested in becoming a Ductless All-Star can contact Michelle at (833) 568-9474.


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