The Dog's Bed Introduces Biggest Size on the Market for Their Calming Bed for Giant Breeds

The Dog's Bed has introduced an XXL size for their Sound Sleep dog’s bed to accommodate giant dog breeds like the St Bernard or Great Dane. Their XXL size dog's bed has a diameter of 54 inches, which is currently the biggest size on the market and is designed to satisfy the nesting instinct of large dogs who love to curl up when they sleep. Previously, their biggest size was the XL dog’s bed, which has a diameter of 45 inches. More about this XXL size dog’s bed can be gleaned at

Being the largest available size on the market for a dog’s bed, pet lovers can be sure that even the giant breeds can be accommodated. With the XXL size, owners of giant breeds will no longer have to worry about not finding a dog’s bed that is of the proper size for their giant pets. These include the Doberman Pinscher, Scottish Deerhound, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Black Russian Terrier, Komondor, Akita, Anatolian Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog, Bloodhound, Boerboel, Bullmastiff, Cane Corso, Dogo Argentino, Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, Mastiff, Saint Bernard, and more.

The Dog

A giant dog breed generally weighs more than 45 kgs. Ironically, despite their unusually large size, giant breeds tend to have more health issues compared to the smaller dogs. That is why having a dog’s bed that is just right for their size is important because it allows them to get some rest and reduce their stress.

They found it necessary to offer a dog’s bed that could fit the giant breeds because dogs of all sizes tend to paw at their beds and curl up when they sleep, due to the fact that they are den animals. This is because curling up allows them to retain heat and it is a tactic that the dog’s wild ancestors had developed to protect their organs from predators. This dog’s bed is provided with high sides and a deep fur pile to help in satisfying the dog’s nesting instinct and helps them feel secure. The soft texture, self-warming materials and body support provided by this dog’s bed has been observed to minimize night pacing due to discomfort, anxiety, and cold.

The Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep is actually available in multiple sizes with removable covers. The small size beds are 23 inches in diameter, the medium size beds are 30 inches in diameter, the large beds are 36 inches in diameter, the XL size beds are 45 inches in diameter, and the XXL size beds are 54 inches in diameter.

The Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep is a round dog’s bed with 1.5-inch vegan fur and contours into a luxurious and deep comforter for man’s furry best friend. It can also serve as an attractive room accessory, providing style to the interior of the bedroom or lounge.

It can be used as a puppy receiver bed because its vegan fur can provide the same warmth as the fur of the puppies’ mother, thus, making the transition of the puppies to a new home much easier. This dog’s bed can provide unbeatable comfort because of its dual-layer base mattress cushion design. The upper layer forms around the dog’s body while the solid base pad provide support for the dog’s weight.

The Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep and spare covers can be purchased through Amazon. The Dog’s Bed is a family company that was founded by dog lovers, who were “driven by a desire to improve the lives of as many dogs as possible.” They involve vets and animal behaviorists in the development of their products, and extensive testing is conducted by third party companies to ensure efficacy and safety prior to release.

This dog’s bed may last for years as it comes with removable, stylish covers that are easy to wash and are quick to dry. Replacement covers are also available for purchase, which allows dog lovers to save on expenses because the cost of this cover is only a fraction of the cost of a whole bed.

Customers who have tried The Dog's Bed Sound Sleep have provided highly positive feedback. For instance, Brian H. from the US gave a 5-star rating for the bed and said, “My greyhound loves this bed! It is so soft and comfortable that she sleeps on it for hours. I have never seen her so relaxed as when she is resting on this bed.”

Those who are interested in getting a dog’s bed for their pet may want to check out the Amazon page of The Dog's Bed, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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