The Diva Lab Launches a Blog to Help Women in Sales

Diva Lab is pleased to announce that they will be launching a new blog that be full of tips, techniques, and mindset strategies to help women take their sales to new heights. The company founded by Deb Wise plans to post regularly in order to inspire women to be the best they can be. She believes that women have great potential to become entrepreneurs and as such, she offers courses designed to teach women how to attract their dream clients to significantly improve their sales. As such, the articles to be posted on the new Diva Lab Blog with offer tips and mindset strategies will help women generate more sales.

Deb Wise herself says, “We expect our blog site to be filled with helpful articles soon in order to guide women entrepreneurs. We’ll show that women don’t have to work so hard chasing potential clients. All they need to do is attract their dream clients or the customers they have been wishing to find. And we believe it is just a matter of having a success mindset and that oftentimes, it is the person herself who is limiting her success because of long-held beliefs.”

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She continues, “As the only sales person for my company, I spent 10’s of thousands of dollars on sales courses. And guess what… They were all taught by men. I often felt alone, inadequate and like I was never going to measure up. What I I didn’t know at the time is all of those same techniques that worked so well for these men were never going to work for me. So, I did something about it. I began to sell like a woman! And that changed my life!”

In her sales courses, Deb Wise suggests that women attract their ideal clients instead of doing a lot of cold calls and cold emails. She wants women to get rid of their self-doubt that they often get when their sales efforts fail to get the needed results. She believes that women have their own unique way of selling. This is because of her observation that women usually have the power to get precisely what they want, having everything that they need, and making everything work together in such a way as to be successful in reaching their goals.

Deb Wise believes that women have great potential in becoming successful entrepreneurs because of a number of factors. First, women are actually more emotionally intelligent than men, which implies that they have a better ability in recognizing social cues and in correctly interpreting emotional events. The result is that they tend to put a lot more emphasis on relationships, which would help a lot in achieving their goals for their business. Women also have the tendency to be great in multitasking. They are already used to taking care of a lot things simultaneously. Thus, they will not shirk from difficulties occurring at the same time in their daily activities for business. The idea is to simply use a strategy that will attract prospects to the business. There would be no need to make cold calls or cold emails, spam people on Facebook Messenger, or employ sales scripts that are so obviously unnatural.

In addition, women tend to excel in business, usually even better than men because they feel at ease in mentoring and guiding other people. They are usually better in nurturing their workers or subordinates, motivating and inspiring them to do their best in their tasks. And what makes women more aggressive in pursuing their goals as entrepreneurs is that they have been doing their best for a long time in attempting to break the glass ceiling and the prejudices that have been obstacles for them in the world of business. The result is that women in business have the tendency to do more and be more aggressive than men, which ultimately leads to their success.

Women entrepreneurs who would like to increase their sales may want to check out the Diva Lab website or join the Diva Lab Facebook Group.


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