The Discovery House: The Challenges Of Loving An Alcoholic

The Discovery House, based in Reseda, California, is reaching out to the wider community to discuss the many challenges of dealing with an alcoholic loved one. The Discovery House is a Joint Commission accredited luxury addiction treatment center that primarily serves the Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Woodland Hills and Santa Monica communities.

A representative for The Discovery House says, “As the holiday season goes by and a New Year dawns, there are many of us who are wishing we could help our loved ones get started on their journey of recovery. The truth is that if you have a loved one who is struggling with alcoholism, it can be a difficult time for everyone. The longer we sit on this, the worse it will get. This means it is vital that your loved one get the help they need as soon as possible.”

Loving an alcoholic parent, spouse, relative or friend is not an easy task. While all relationships do take work, the truth is that when someone is dealing with a loved one who has an alcohol addiction, there is a unique set of additional challenges. These challenges come in all forms: mental, physical, spiritual, social and financial. From the mental health risks (on both sides) to the physical health scares addicts often suffer, the toll it takes on a person’s overall well-being and the financial strain of supporting unhealthy habits, there are many problems that simply cannot be ignored.

However, while it can be tiring, frustrating and scary, it is important to find the right balance between protecting one’s own well-being and supporting and encouraging a loved one. It is equally important to make sure that the alcoholic is not enabled.

As The Discovery House explains, being able to identify the line between loving and enabling is key. ‘Loving’ involves encouraging growth and supporting their recovery efforts, whereas ‘enabling’ involves supporting their continued alcohol use by making excuses, justifications or living in denial rather than allowing them to face the consequences of their actions. In most cases, enabling is done inadvertently.

“The truth is that this is not something anyone can handle on their own,” says The Discovery House’s representative, “and ensuring that your loved one gets the right help goes a long way in assisting their recovery. At The Discovery House, we are experienced with helping even the most difficult clients into lasting, meaningful recovery. By considering the emotional state (and emotional sobriety) of the client — and cultivating their connections to what is meaningful for them — we can help even those who aren't sure they are ready, whether or not they know they need to quit drinking.”

The Discovery House uses an integrated treatment method for addiction and co-occurring mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, grief/loss, bipolar disorder, secondary eating issues, personality disorders and psychological trauma. Their treatment program for alcoholism involves sub-acute, clinically supervised detox, 12-step meetings, recovery planning for relapse prevention and continuing care and more. They also provide comprehensive individual, group and family therapy; intervention services, sober escort and travel support; and free treatment assessments. Clients will also have access to innovative therapies that consist of psychodrama, music therapy, yoga and more.

The Discovery House’s representative continues, “Loving an alcoholic can be challenging, but our programs and services can make it easier for both you and them to recover. At The Discovery House, you can take the first step towards healing. All of our methods, from our individual therapy to our motivational interviewing, are uniquely targeted for each one of our clients to ensure their long-term success. Whether your loved one needs full-time, residential care or part-time outpatient support, our comprehensive care plans treat the body, mind and soul. Similarly, family counseling ensures that you also get the emotional support you need.”

The Discovery House’s website has more information about the recovery center and their extensive range of services (along with a range of resources for recovering addicts). Interested parties can get in touch with them by using the contact form on their website. The Discovery House also maintains a presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube where they share further recovery materials and stay in touch with their community.


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