The Discovery House Offers Luxury Rehab In California

Reseda, California -

The Discovery House (TDH), based in Reseda, CA, would like to reach out to California residents who may be in search of luxury rehab centers. TDH provides a comfortable space for patients to go through the process of beating addiction. Utilizing a combination of tried-and-tested methodologies as well as a warm, inviting and luxurious environment that is conducive to recovery, the center has helped many people get their lives back on track. They have a reputation for offering a level of luxury rarely matched by exclusive resorts while also providing all the resources a patient might need to beat addiction. Learn more here: Luxury Rehab California.

From their premises in Southern California, The Discovery House has grown into the number one rehab center in the area by providing a favorable environment for people who struggle with addiction to recover. They are Joint Commission accredited and serve a number of areas, including Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Woodland Hills and Santa Monica, but individuals from anywhere else in the country are always welcome. The Discovery House is known for high success rates, and they offer same-day placement in order to make it as easy as possible for people to get the help they need to beat addiction. Notably, they also accept insurance.

“At The Discovery House, we believe in treating the whole individual — mind, body and spirit — with our addiction treatment programs,” The Discovery House says. “We provide our residents with a specialized treatment plan that is designed to meet their individual needs, choices and concerns. Counselors at our long term luxury treatment center for addiction maintain a 3:1 client to counselor ratio, allowing them ample time to spend with each individual.”

The rehabilitation center is licensed by the State of California to provide integrated treatment for addiction and co-occurring mental health issues like depression, anxiety and more. They provide intervention services, sober escorts and travel support along with a long list of other services, each aimed at ensuring every one of their patients is able to achieve their goals and do so in a space where they are afforded every comfort they could want.

As the best drug addiction treatment center in California, The Discovery House’s Joint Commission accreditation means that their rehab facilities meet the same quality control and inspection standards as a hospital. Each of those certifications means a patient can always be sure that they and their loved ones will get only the highest quality of care at The Discovery House. The rehabilitation center’s reputation has been built over years of helping many people address their addiction issues in an environment that has no equal. As a result of their work, they continue to grow rapidly with time.

Those who have spent time at The Discovery House tend to leave excellent reviews of the rehabilitation center online. Any interested party can find a number of client testimonials on The Discovery House’s website, for instance. As Jacob Ohare’s testimonial says, “The Discovery House is an awesome place to get clean and sober and learn the tools you need to stay in recovery when you get done with the residential part of it. All of the staff there are extremely helpful and genuinely care about you and will help you out in any way they can. The food there is also amazing: 3 meals a day with an assortment of snacks at night. I highly recommend TDH for anyone who is serious about getting clean and starting their road to recovery.”

Tiara Martinez also says, “I will always recommend this rehab as a place of hope and love and recovery. The staff is very loving and sweet. You have a personal chef, which is a bonus, and the staff there is very educated on who you are and what you need out of each group. Plus, they take you out to do things so you can learn to live life on life’s terms.”

The Discovery House acknowledges that many in the community will have more questions regarding patient treatment, how long a program may be and more. Many of these questions are answered on the official TDH website. However, the center also invites interested parties to contact their office directly to discuss their needs with a professional. See more here: How Much Does Rehab Cost.

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