The Discovery House Highlights The Importance Of Addiction Recovery Month

The Discovery House, based in Reseda, California is reaching out to the wider community to shine a light on National Recovery Month and celebrate its long history of helping people deal with their addictions. More information about National Recovery Month can be found at the following link:

Currently in its 32nd year, National Recovery Month formally celebrates each September as a means of spreading awareness as well as educational materials on addiction and mental health. The purpose of this month is to help break the stigma surrounding addiction as well as celebrate the people in recovery who have made tremendous progress in their journey. Additionally, the month is meant to acknowledge the overall progress made in treatment for substance abuse, addiction and behavioral health that has helped millions of people over the world gain a better grasp of their life and lead happy, healthy and addiction-free ways of living.

National Recovery Month concept art

The theme of the 2021 National Recovery Month is ‘Recovery is For Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community.’ Faces & Voices of Recovery, a non-profit dedicated to helping people recover from their addictions, has taken over from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to head this year’s National Recovery Month. They are providing tools and resources for others to help get involved and spread awareness.

The Discovery House says, “The importance of National Recovery Month cannot be emphasized enough. The fact that it gives us a dedicated period in which we can begin to focus on the issues of addiction and breaking the stigma associated with it — in addition to getting those suffering the help they need and deserve — is a great boon for anyone dealing with addiction in any way, shape or form. By celebrating our support networks, we are applauding the connections we have in our lives, be they family, friends, spouses, peers grappling with the same issues, mutual support group members and more.”

They continue, “With how much of a turbulent year 2021 has been, we’ve seen a marked increase in substance abuse and addiction. People all over the world have been on their own, fighting urges and triggers to drink or use, and they all want to break out of these habits. By drawing attention to National Recovery Month, we are able to create awareness of and increase visibility on topics like alcohol addiction, drug abuse and addiction, behavioral addictions, mental health disorders and so on to help everyone deal with their problems.”

By educating others on topics such as addiction, mental health and dual diagnosis, The Discovery House (along with other such support networks and organizations) is hoping to create the foundation for better support systems. In turn, this could pave the way for better treatment plans that help people based on their individual needs, issues and life experiences.

The Discovery House says, “Treatment is effective. Recovery is possible. Support is available. All you need to do is reach out to us, get in touch with an admissions counselor, and we’ll help. You are not alone in seeking support for sobriety and recovery. The United States has over 14,500 treatment facilities across the country, with differing levels of care available. Any one of them will be glad to help you. But if you are in California, we recommend you reach out to the experienced clinicians at The Discovery House — available 24/7 — to find out more about beginning the journey of recovery, for yourself or for a loved one. Don’t let addiction stay in control. Celebrate National Recovery Month by reaching out to let us help you today!”

The Discovery House website hosts many resources that can help people suffering from addiction get a start in their journey of recovery. It can also help those in recovery stay on their path. The website also has more information about the organization itself and their extensive range of services. Those who want to get in touch with the team for any reason are welcome to use the Contact Us form on their website (or directly reach out via phone or email). The Discovery House also maintains a presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube where they share further addiction recovery materials and stay connected with their community.


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