The Discovery House Discusses The Side Effects Of Cocaine

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Discovery House, based in Reseda, California, is reaching out to shed light on cocaine side effects and the impact this substance has on the lives of those struggling with addiction. Discovery House has the tools and knowledge to provide everyone with the support they need when navigating both detox, addiction and the recovery process itself.

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug that is made from the coca plant, and it is sometimes known as coke, rock, snow, crack or blow. The drug quickly increases the user’s energy, attention and alertness. However, the ‘high’ does not last long and is immediately followed by depression, edginess and cravings. Cocaine users often find it hard to eat or sleep properly, two of the most common side effects. Whether ingested in powder or solid form (and regardless of strength and purity of the drug), no amount is safe to use. The risk of overdose and other serious side effects is extremely high. Some of the side effects can present as muscle twitches, irritability, restlessness, anxiety, panic, paranoia and vertigo.

A single use can cause serious medical complications in some people, including strokes, heart attacks, seizures, abdominal pain and nausea. In some cases, cardiac arrest or seizures can lead to sudden death. While these short-term side effects can be extremely dangerous, repeated use can cause even more problems.

A long-term complication is that cocaine changes the brain’s reward system and how it responds to stress. Eventually, the user will experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking the drug and become preoccupied with it as they cannot find pleasure in other sources, such as food. Regular usage causes a person to develop a tolerance for it, and desensitization can also occur. The combination of both can increase the risk of overdose. Long-term usage can damage several organs in the body (such as tears and ulcerations of the gastrointestinal tract as a result of reduced blood flow). It can also cause cardiovascular harm, neurological issues and even lead to movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.

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Similarly, cognitive functions can be impaired as well, and sufferers have shown a decline in their attention, memory, impulse control and decision making capabilities. The Discovery House provides more information on their website’s discussion page regarding cocaine addiction, while also highlighting the available treatment options. Other than detoxing, those going through rehab can choose between individual, group or family therapy. They can also pick more personalized options through therapies like music therapy or sports. No matter the severity of the addiction, Discovery House can provide an individual with the help and support they need in order to fight their addiction and get back to a healthy life.

Another treatment option for addiction is contingency management, which involves a learning process through which behavior is modified through reinforcement or punishment. It is used to promote a positive behavioral change by rewarding or reinforcing the achievement of goals and withholding rewards or introducing punishment when behavior does not fall within the guidelines. The core principle behind this is that people are more likely to do things that are reinforced or rewarded and less likely to continue in behaviors that are punished. This is typically used in addiction treatment programs that are at least three months long, giving the patient enough time to work on positive reinforcement. Though this can be used as a single solution, addiction treatment specialists recommend using it in combination with other therapies for maximum benefit. This therapy may be offered in combination with cognitive behavioral therapy or medication management, for example, in order to help an individual break the cycle of addiction.

Treating addiction is a difficult task, as substance use disorders are complicated and can affect many aspects of a person’s life. The Discovery House offers a variety of treatment options in an effort to see to their clients’ psychological, medical and emotional needs. An integrated treatment approach, called the Matrix model of addiction treatment, has proven to be an effective method. It incorporates multiple techniques and services, and it is often used in intensive outpatient programs. It is designed for people who need more structure than what a standard outpatient treatment setting offers. It can also be adapted for inpatient treatment.

The Discovery House offers a wide range of treatment for those suffering from addiction, with a proven record of success in long term recovery. To learn more about the services they offer, potential clients and their families and other interested parties may visit their official website. They can also be contacted via phone call to their Admissions team, any time of day or night.


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