The Difference Between Kennected & Big Linker Linked In Automation

Online LinkedIn lead generation tool Kennected is reaching out to professionals on LinkedIn to explain the differences between BigLinker LinkedIn Automation and their own LinkedIn lead generation services. By shedding light how each works and what they are able to accomplish for their respective users, Kennected believes that more businesses and professionals will be able to fairly judge which of the two is best for their own needs.

Similar to Google’s title as the search engine with the heaviest traffic, LinkedIn’s undisputed position as the biggest social networking site for businesses and professionals makes it an ideal platform for lead generation. While an individual business or professional is then perfectly capable of hunting down leads by themselves, it tends to be far more cost-effective (and effective in general) for them to adopt a lead generation tool that can supercharge their efforts.

As Kennected states in a blog post that explores the subject, “Automation tools like Kennected and BigLinker help users make the most out of LinkedIn. However, it can be difficult to choose only one LinkedIn automation tool. It is important to take a closer look at all the options and see which one will suit you best.” While both may seem to offer the same advantages on the surface, the truth is that they work quite differently.

In an overview, the blog post explains that BigLinker helps users automate their LinkedIn profile, generate leads and make new connections. It is utilized first and foremost to automate targeting and messaging as well as generate leads and prospects. Users on LinkedIn may give BigLinker their search parameters, defining leads by job title, location, company, industry or name in order to connect with their target. BigLinker provides 3,000 requests per month, and it shares one major similarity with Kennected in that it is used by thousands of professionals to generate leads and sales.

Similarly, Kennected explains that they provide a, “LinkedIn automation and lead generation tool that’s perfect for marketers, salespeople, coaches, entrepreneurs, consultants, realtors and many other professionals looking to find leads. Kennected simplifies the lead generation process by automating your outreach, personalizing your follow ups, building real relationships at scale, and helping you create new revenue streams.”

However, Kennected contends that their onboarding process is what sets their services apart from their peers in the field. This confidence is based on the fact that Kennected is able to build campaigns that are tailored to each individual user—taking both their personal requirements and ultimate objective into account. The tool also has one major priority: that each user should be able to focus on running their business instead of getting mired within its functions.

As such, this means that it has to be able to work almost independently, and Kennected confirms that they are able to build a sales pipeline even when their users are not actively involved. This allows users to effectively carry out the modern equivalent of cold calling, prospecting and going to time-consuming networking events at scale, drastically improving their outreach. As the article observes, “Manually prospecting on LinkedIn can sometimes work out—but using automation tools will more than triple those results. Kennected gives thousands of users a better way of generating leads.”

A key part of this is the information they initially offer their users—Kennected’s data-rich filters can be utilized by users to swiftly (and accurately) identify their target audience. This in turn allows users to define their search parameters with greater precision, from where Kennected states they can launch their campaign, “and wait for the connections to come rolling in.” The company also asserts that users can expect to see results in only a few days.

The full blog post can be viewed at the following link: What Is the Best Lead Generation Tool? It contains further detail regarding each tool’s advantages and offers more insight on why Kennected believes they have the edge in lead generation. LinkedIn members who are eager to see how the tool’s personalized campaigns can boost their outreach are welcome to contact Devin Johnson of Kennected to get started.


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