The Creator of The World's Most Versatile Beach Cart Shore and Chore Joins Host on the Meet The Experts Podcast

Curt Kramer, the creator of the Shore and Chore, was recently invited to talk about his product on Meet The Experts, a business podcast hosted by digital marketing expert Jay Vics.

Curt Kramer worked as an executive at a Fortune 500 company before moving to Naperville, IL, to spend more time with his family and pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. He developed a versatile beach cart to meet his own modest needs and then tweaked the design further to turn it into the general-purpose utility cart it is today. In the interview, Curt Kramer talks about what inspired him to create the product, the problems it solves, its target customers, and how to buy it.

Beach Cart

When asked about what prompted Curt to develop and patent the Shore and Chore, he says, “We’re fortunate enough to have a little house by the beach. When my girls were young, we used to bring along a couple of chairs and some sand toys in a bucket. As they grew into teenagers, it turned into paddleboards, a Maui mat, umbrellas, and so much more. I got frustrated trying to get all of this stuff down to the beach. Then one day, I woke up in the middle of the night and I had figured out a way to get all my stuff in a cart and make my beach day that much more enjoyable. That’s how the idea came to be.”

Curt’s invention allows the sides of the Shore and Chore to bump out horizontally so that paddle boards can be placed while leaving the bed of the cart empty to fit everything including coolers, chairs, umbrellas, and the rest of the beach gear. For his next innovation, Curt developed a coupler to attach the cart to a bike’s derailleur, making it easy to haul it over longer distances. Curt then recognized that his invention could be turned into a business and the utility it offered could be shared with families all across the nation.

Later during development, Curt tweaked the design of the Shore and Chore to make it more than just a beach accessory. By making the sides of the product detachable, Curt found a use for the Shore and Chore as a flatbed that could be used to transport common yard items such as wood, mulch, and flowers. Moreover, by attaching and removing each side independently, the cart could also be used for transporting large items such as kayaks, PVC pipes, ladders, and more.

So, due to the versatility that the original design made possible, what was once intended to be a beach cart found applications in the warehouse and the yard, as a general-purpose utility cart. The guest on the Meet The Experts Podcast remarks on how the product’s name reflects this by saying, “The “Shore” part of the Shore and Chore is what started it and then I realized there were other chores it could aid in. It was developed for one specific task but it has transcended it and now I use it all around the house, the beach, wherever I’m at.”

When asked about who the product is aimed at, Curt says, “Anybody that has to take a whole bunch of stuff that may be too long or doesn't squarely fit in a cart. Whether you're transporting ladders or paddle boards or kayaks, whether you're a mom or you're a dad, whether it's going to the beach or working in the yard with your flowers, the Shore and Chore is a great way to get all your gear around.” Towards the end of the podcast, Curt also answers a couple of questions about the product’s industrial build, its many attachments including side canvas panels, bungee cords, and front stabilizer wheel, and its ease of use on sandy beaches.

The Shore and Chore utility cart is available for sale on the company’s website. Readers are also urged to follow them on Instagram for product updates.


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