The Country Club at DC Ranch Shares Tips For Better Scores On Private Golf Courses In Scottsdale

Scottsdale, Arizona based The Country Club at DC Ranch is reaching out to the community to share tips and advice to help golfers improve their scores in Par 5 holes.

A Par 5 hole is often seen as one of the best scoring opportunities in the entirety of a golf course. Games that are decided by a birdie (or even an eagle) on a Par 5 hole are not rare, and golfers who can capitalize on these opportunities set themselves apart from others with a great advantage. While most golfers at private golf clubs in Scottsdale recognize the importance of a Par 5 hole, few know the techniques and tactics that they can use to score better at these holes.

Melanie Harper, a representative of The Country Club at DC Ranch, states, "Scoring poorly in a Par 5 hole can ruin your entire course, setting yourself back significantly. It is hard to recover once you make a mistake on a Par 5 hole, as these are some of the most relatively easy holes at the Scottsdale Golf Club. If you fail in one of these holes, that means you have wasted one of the easiest holes on the golf course, and you still have to play the tougher Par 3s and 4s. Since scoring poorly is not fun, and to help golfers avoid frustration, we have put together advice that will help you bring your Par 5 scoring average down and eliminate the big numbers."

The Country Club at DC Ranch states that, based on their experience as well as what they have observed from other golfers who make the most out of Par 5 holes, the best thing one can do when approaching this crucial hole is to simply get the ball in play. Harper says, "You need to get the ball in play, and golf as you always have. It is important to keep your composure and not let the pressure get the best of you. Most golfers have one of two mentalities when using one of our Scottsdale private golf courses on a Par 5. They either think they are going to knock it on the green in 2 and give themselves a birdie or eagle look, or they see the length of the hole and get intimidated by how long it is."

Harper states that golfers in either of the two scenarios will typically try to get a little extra out of the tee shot by overswinging. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this ambitious approach, this can occasionally lead to an errant tee shot, making it really difficult to recover to a good score on the hole. Playing conservatively and avoiding mistakes is often better than the alternative, as advantages can be lost easily to poor decisions.

"You can not make a birdie with your tee shot, but you can certainly put yourself in a difficult position where you score a large number by getting too aggressive off the tee," states Harper. She continues, "From our experience, golfers find more success when they play to their strength, and avoid getting too greedy on the Par 5 holes. The best way to accomplish this is to pick a club you are confident with and make an aggressive/confident swing at a conservative target. Your goal is to get the ball in the grass, so find the widest landing area off the tee and play to that location. This will put you on the correct path to attack the green with your second or third shot. The best way to improve your score is by avoiding putting yourself behind by being too greedy."

The Country Club at DC Ranch states that by approaching Par 5 holes conservatively and attaining to their strengths and techniques they are familiar with, most golfers improve their overall score by the end of the course. Ultimately, it comes down to one's familiarity with the hole and knowing when it makes sense to take a risk. More tips and advice are available on the club's website, which can be found here:


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