The Brown Firm in Atlanta Helps Clarify Liability in Teen Driver Car Accidents

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The personal injury law firm cites the CDC, saying “teenage drivers are at the highest risk of causing or being involved in car accidents than all other age groups.” Parents of teen drivers involved in car accidents could be legally liable for negligence, asserts the Atlanta Law Firm.

Teen driver Car Accident Lawyer

Harry Brown, the leading car accident injury attorney, and managing lawyer of the Atlanta law firm cites the negligence theory that says every driver has a duty to drive in a reasonably safe way. Failure to meet that duty could make the driver legally liable for the resulting damages, including economic and non-economic losses.

According to the top teen driver accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA, the parent of a teenage driver can be held liable for any damages resulting from an accident under the theory of negligent entrustment “if they knew or should have known that the teen driver could be a danger to others on the road.”

Harry Brown explains vicarious liability that finds a parent liable for their teenage driver’s wrongdoing if they pursue a family purpose or act under parental control. It may be referred to as “family use, family purpose, or the family car doctrine. The parent could still be liable even if the teen decides to go on a joy ride around the neighborhood and causes a reckless driving accident instead of going straight to the store.”

The top Atlanta personal injury attorney asserts that there are ways parents can protect themselves from liability in a teen car accident case.

A parent is not liable if the teen driver has their own auto insurance policies. Harry Brown advises parents to discuss automobile safety and dangers on a recurring, consistent basis with their teen children and emphasizes following the road rules.

It is also highly suggested to practice road safety rules with teen drivers to emphasize the need to follow the wheel’s safety procedures. Parents need to stress the importance of traffic rules for the safety of teen drivers and others on the road and prevent accidents. “Show them things like maintaining a safe following distance, wearing a seatbelt, keeping off your phone while driving, and obeying all traffic laws," says the personal attorney.

Driving defensively is important for teen drivers, says Harry Brown. But a car crash can still happen at any time, warns the top car accident attorney.

Anybody looking for legal assistance in a teen auto accident injury case that was not their fault should schedule a free consultation with The Brown Firm. They understand the legality behind who is at fault and are here to help injured victims get the compensation they deserve.


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