The Brown Firm in Athens Explains the Role of A Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

The Brown Firm in Athens has posted a detailed article on the importance of hiring a personal injury attorney in a traumatic brain injury case. The personal injury lawyers at The Brown Firm are experienced in protecting victims’ rights in a traumatic brain injury caused by another individual’s negligence. Learn more about the Athens TBI Lawyers at

The Athens, Ga, personal injury law firm has a proven track record of handling TBI cases for many years, helping victims receive the deserving compensation for damages. The top personal injury attorneys have the experience and resources to represent victims against the negligent party.

TBI Lawyer in Athens, GA

The Brown Firm explains that a traumatic brain injury can be severely debilitating and cause severe physical trauma, which requires frequent hospital visits and medical care. The most common cause of a TBI is from falling, followed by car accidents. If the fall or car crash causing a TBI was due to someone else’s negligence, then the victim’s medical bills and pain and suffering should be compensated.

Harry W. Brown, the managing attorney at The Brown Firm, is a trusted attorney as well as a licensed chiropractor. “I’m one of the few attorneys who is also a medical practitioner,” Harry commented, “so I know how to work with other attorneys, healthcare providers, and insurance companies to get the best possible outcome for my clients.”

Harry emphasizes the need for a medical diagnosis immediately after the accident. “If you were recently in an accident or believe you may have suffered a traumatic brain injury, medical treatment should be your top priority. Symptoms could become worse and permanent damage may be sustained if you go too long without seeking the treatment you need.”

Sports injuries, car accidents, truck crashes, motorcycle wrecks, and slip and fall accidents are the most common causes of TBI. The Brown Firm personal injury attorneys in Athens, GA, represent TBI victims for accidents caused by someone else’s negligence.

The experienced Athens, Georgia, TBI injury attorneys at the law firm can help victims get the best settlement possible. Anybody with a traumatic brain injury in Athens, GA, deserves the best compensation from the at-fault party. The best TBI attorney knows how to handle the victim’s claim against the negligent driver and help them recover medical damages, compensation for pain and suffering, rehabilitation, lost wages, and emotional distress.

The top Athens, GA, attorneys at The Brown Firm are experienced at handling traumatic brain injury claims that were not the victim’s fault.

The Brown Firm lawyers are experts in handling traumatic brain injury claims and file all the necessary paperwork to protect the victim’s legal rights. They are available for a free consultation by calling them or racing out on The Brown Firm website.


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