The Bluffs Rehab Announces Name Change To Vertava Health Ohio

The Bluffs Rehab, the addiction and mental health treatment facility only a short drive from the cities of Akron and Cleveland, has recently transitioned to being called Vertava Health Ohio. This name change signals a new stage in the facility’s tenure as a leading recovery clinic in the state. It also showcases a vigorous commitment to evidence-based treatments that have worked for citizens of the Buckeye State, as well as those from all over the country.

By joining the Vertava Health network, the facility formerly known as The Bluffs Rehab has been brought alongside many other successful treatment facilities that utilize treatments built on a strong base of research and reliable results. Although the name has changed, the dedication to delivering top-tier healing and recovery for each and every client has not.

Vertava Health Ohio Woman holding coffee in group chat

Vertava Health Ohio not only has treatments for substance use and mental health disorders but for co-occurring disorders as well. A co-occurring disorder is defined as a situation where a person is struggling with both addiction and mental health, perhaps an addiction to alcohol while also struggling with clinical depression.

The inpatient treatment program at Vertava Health Ohio is expertly guided to deliver the best addiction recovery care. Inpatient care may include detoxification (sometimes called “detox” as well), which is completed alongside caring professionals in a medically supervised setting, even allowing the use of private rooms when appropriate. Another way Vertava Health of Ohio reaches out to aid as many of those in need as possible is through virtual care.

All clients entering the facility receive individual assessments to ensure the treatment is as focused and useful as possible, while also addressing their specific needs rather than working to provide care for every possible situation. The evidence-based treatments and programs are assigned to each person in conjunction with specific activities that are also carefully curated to capitalize on the time in the facility and deliver the best results.

Vertava Health of Ohio also stays dedicated to each person’s recovery by utilizing the expertise, compassion, and experience of multiple professionals who have worked as addiction and mental health treatment practitioners for years. This includes medical staff that remains on-site in order to ensure the safety of each person receiving treatment. Each layer of treatment is guided by someone who is there not only because of impressive experience, however, but also because of a deeply held belief that recovery is possible.

Vertava Health Ohio has constructed a treatment facility that utilizes evidence-based treatments to identify and focus the strength of each client they see. The path to recovery can be fraught with challenges but the inner strength in each person readies them for their eventual healing. Call Vertava Health Ohio today with any questions.


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