The Blueprint to Turning That Side-Gig Into the Gig

Alexandria VA––July 13, 2021 In early 2020, as COVID-19 raced through the country, brand strategist and global public speaker Mike Kim returned home to Alexandria, VA to write You Are the Brand, his first book, (releasing July 13th) that has already become a pre-launch best-seller on Amazon in Direct Marketing, Business Writing, and Job Hunting.

Morgan James Publishing’s new release, You Are The Brand: The 8-Step Blueprint to Showcase Your Unique Expertise and Build a Highly Profitable, Personally Fulfilling Business, by Mike Kim, is an inspiring, practical guide for corporate professionals looking to take a side-hustle and turn it into a full-time personal brand.

“This book was years in the making…” says Kim. “Enter my so-called life: Thirty-four years old, no job, no direction, draining my savings, drowning in an embarrassing amount of debt, and still trying to figure out: “What am I going to do with my life?” So, I did what I usually do when I feel lost—I read a lot of books.” Kim recounts why he wrote this book, starting with a single thought over 10 years ago.

He continues…“Books have changed my life. But when I was going through my own life transitions, particularly in my professional life, I couldn’t find exactly what I needed to help me. I made countless efforts to find books that talked about starting a completely new career in the “expert” space. Looking for these books was like trying to push glue up a hill. I couldn’t really find any that met me exactly where I was. I returned home to write the book I needed.”

The Washington DC and Northern Virginia area is home to numerous aspiring consultants. You Are The Brand discusses how to build a compelling personal brand and launch a business as a coach, consultant, or content creator, and goes on to shed light on the vague business of building an “expert” business. Whether someone is just starting out or has a side-gig they are ready to turn into the gig, You Are The Brand is just the blueprint that will leave professionals feeling empowered and ready to take on the world.

Featuring a proven, 8-step system to building a personal brand business based on working with top names in the industry, You Are The Brand provides actionable strategies that leave corporate professionals feeling clear, energized, and inspired to dream big. For those looking to build game-changing connections and win-win partnerships, You Are The Brand shares insight and clarity on how to market oneself in any market.

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Mike Kim believes marketing isn’t about closing a sale, it’s about opening a relationship. This refreshing approach has made him a sought-after speaker at industry leading events like Podcast Movement, Social Media Marketing World, and Tribe Conference. He has been hired as a marketing strategist and copywriter for top thought leaders including John Maxwell, Donald Miller, and Catalyst. He has been a published contributor for leading business platforms including,, and the Huffington Post. Mike is based in Washington DC, where he can be found looking for the next great speakeasy — all while coaching, serving clients, and recording his top-rated podcast, The Brand You Podcast.

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You Are The Brand: The 8-Step Blueprint to Showcase Your Unique Expertise and Build a Highly Profitable, Personally Fulfilling Business, by Mike Kim, will be released by Morgan James Publishing on July 13, 2021. You Are The Brand —9781631953477 —has 200 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for $17.95.

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