The Best Video/Film Production Ideas for Taiwan Companies

How Taiwan brands can use video effectively during the crisis

Taipei, Taiwan - Video production house "Rainmaker Video Production" shares how Taiwan manufacturers and brands can grow their sales in 2021 despite the ongoing pandemic.

For the past decade, video traffic was the key reason for the exponential growth of internet traffic. It should be clear to every executive that business-as-usual will never mean the same since the start of the pandemic crisis. Relying on trade shows for business development is no longer feasible and will not be a sustainable strategy in the future.

Many Taiwanese businesses are struggling with how to adapt to these changes. Working with many local manufacturers and brands, Taiwan video production house "Rainmaker Video" is happy to share strategies companies can use.

Digital transformation is not only something that encompasses the internal processes but has to include sales. To be successful in long-distance sales, companies have to add a well-planned video marketing strategy.

Videos are useful for all steps of the buyer journey. Potential clients that are not familiar with a company or brand get familiar through short video clips. These serve to create awareness and curiosity. Those can include short extracts from longer product videos or short statements from executives and sales managers from interview videos.

All those short introductory videos are to be designed to create curiosity and interest. After establishing this initial connection with the prospect, longer-form content is readily consumed by the business prospect.

At this stage, the potential business partner enters the exploration phase. His curiosity is leading him to seek more information actively.

Here the marketing team can play out the full potential by introducing various products. B2B companies can explain how different products help prospects solve their business's diverse challenges.

Backed with the information from his video journey, the prospect will be much more likely to make further engagements. He is ready to engage with webinars and even send a direct communication request to the sales team.

Using video as a tool to create a sales process will impact your company's ROI at a much higher level than doing single activities without a goal-driven strategy.

Businesses interested in learning how to use video as a sales strategy can call Rainmaker Video Production or send a line message for a free consultation on using their budget for best results.

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