The Best Golf Course In Scottsdale Approaches The New Year With Hope

The Country Club at DC Ranch, based in Scottsdale, AZ is reaching out to its members and community in order to share a message of hope for the future. While 2020 is already going down in history for being one of the most trying years in modern times due to the emergence and global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, communities around the US and the world may finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief due to the arrival of multiple vaccines. Today, the Club is taking stock of what this means for the future and what steps are necessary in order to keep everyone safe until life can return completely to normal once more.

Melanie Halpert of The Country Club at DC Ranch states, “Since our patrons treasure their time at The Country Club at DC Ranch, we have made a concerted effort over the past year to remain open as much as possible while maintaining the safety of both our staff and members. As many will have experienced, this led to a certain reduction in our services as well as the implementation of new protocols that were designed to fulfil this goal. Due to the fact that several vaccines have been announced and millions of Americans have started to receive what is believed to be lasting protection against the virus, it is our sincere hope that we will be able to continue rebuilding our services to their former capacity as time goes on. However, while we acknowledge that many have concerns regarding the pandemic and its true affects, we humbly request our community to remain patient and continue to adhere to the guidance set forth by the CDC, Arizona Department of Health Services, Governor’s office and The Country Club at DC Ranch.”

This guidance includes maintaining social distancing (keeping a space of no less than 6 feet between individuals as much as possible), using hand sanitizer (which is provided at most establishments, including The Country Club at DC Ranch) and, in particular, wearing a mask at the Club when not actively practicing or playing. The Club is aware that they are widely considered to host the best golf course in Scottsdale, and this means that members rely on their visit to these grounds in order to relax, spend precious time with their loved ones and improve their skill at golf. However, safety is currently of paramount concern, and the Club has done their utmost to allow access to these amenities while helping their members and guests stay in compliance in the restaurants, fitness center and social areas where the maximum capacity in each area is concerned and so on. The Club urges their community to continue to adhere to these guidelines for now.

In other news, The Country Club at DC Ranch and other private clubs have witnessed a sharp increase in play on the golf course from 2019 versus what has just been finalized in 2020. While the Club has seen all guest play down by nearly half (including junior play), and Sports Social play was almost non-existent throughout the year due to certain constraints, they believe this increase stems from the fact that more people have had to work from home and restrict their travel than in any other year prior. As a result, members who otherwise have only been able to spend a part of their time in Scottsdale have stayed much longer than in previous years.

As Halpert remarks, “The simple fact is that our full golf members are playing more golf at this time. This is where the increase in rounds are coming from. This is great in some respects but makes it challenging to get your preferred tee time regularly during this period.” The Club may soon see a correspondingly sharp improvement in their members’ skill on the course, and they look forward to hosting new competitions with such talent in the future.

Learn more about the Club, their grounds, staff and services at the following link: The Country Club at DC Ranch is always ready to respond to requests for assistance from anyone in their community, and members are encouraged to bring any concerns directly to the attention of their staff. Melanie Halpert may be contacted for further details as well.


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