The Barber Law Firm: Construction Firms Must Remain Optimistic For The Future

The Barber Law Firm, based in Dallas, TX, has published an article that may offer local construction firms a ray of hope during the ongoing pandemic. While the outlook may appear bleak, the firm encourages such companies to remember that North Texas led the country with regard to growth in this sector prior to the onset of the crisis. As such, they may be able to expect renewed vigor in the industry relatively soon upon its conclusion.

In a blog post shared on their website, The Barber Law Firm observes that 2020 has been a, “harrowing year for the construction industry nationwide.” With lockdowns being set in place to combat the spread of the outbreak, jobs around the region stalled virtually overnight as any industry deemed non-essential was shut down. Workers and staff in these jobs had no choice but to stay home (although a small number compensated slightly by beginning home-based businesses run through online platforms).

The opposite side of the coin was not much better, however. Those who still had to work, dubbed ‘essential workers,’ may still have had active jobs and an income but they were still forced to work in dangerous proximity to the outbreak. Healthcare workers in particular were affected as their workload skyrocketed in response to an influx of COVID-19 patients. This pattern saw itself repeated around the country as new outbreaks hit.

However, The Barber Law Firm points out in their article that, “Dallas/Ft. Worth saw a small recovery as lockdown regulations eased in late spring, with 1,200 new building sector jobs created in May.” They quote the Dallas Morning News, which reported that construction bounced back across the nation following the worst of the pandemic in this period, with Dallas-Forth Worth in particular seeing an increase in construction sector jobs. This was true for most US metro areas in May, compared with April.

The article then acknowledges, “But now, as the year begins to wind down and the height of the construction season is past, the outlook may no longer seem as rosy.” This is evident in how many construction firms are reporting jobs being postponed or cancelled outright, and these companies appear to expect their business will take several months for their volume of business to return to previous levels (what they experienced at this time of year in 2019).

That said, the firm believes that the industry’s relatively speedy recovery earlier this year demonstrates they will be able to bounce back to former heights in short order when the crisis finally ends as well. Till then, The Barber Law Firm advises that they remain cautious and do everything in their power to stay safe. Along with this, they encourage construction firms to be optimistic about their future. Their article concludes, “While DFW waits for jobs to return to all areas of its construction industry, it may be comforting to remember that North Texas was the nationwide leader in construction job growth before the pandemic hit, adding 10,000 building jobs back in March.”

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