"The Art of Spiritual Leadership: 40 Laws to Transform Your Life (and the World)"

Spiritual teacher, author, entrepreneur, yogi, investor, and father - Daniel Aaron has devoted his life to understanding the human patterns that create suffering and how to change them.

Through trainings, transformational events, and private coaching, he has led thousands of people to live brighter, more fulfilled lives. He teaches at Omega and Esalen Institutes and founded the internationally recognized Radiantly Alive Center in Bali.

The Art Of Spiritual Leadership

In 1995 Daniel experienced a spiritual awakening, which compelled his dedication to human potential. He became obsessed with learning, growth, and transformation; and committed to creating a new paradigm of vibrant living for all beings. He’s hardcore about awakening and helping all of us to greater freedom, love, and happiness. His experience includes decades of training with the modern masters; ruthless personal and spiritual development; radical therapies, courses, and mentorships with enlightened teachers; his own constant self-inquiry, most commonly derived from the ordinary human challenges of his own commitment to kindness, authenticity, and masterful service; parenting; and founding, running and selling businesses.

His reputation­-that he gets powerful results for students and clients-comes from the depth of his own relentless evolution into his potential, uncanny perception into others, and a massive love for all beings. He teaches and shares in a way that brings people to feeling deeply understood, accepted, inspired, and transformed. His speeches, workshops, and events guarantee participants raucous fun and meaningful breakthroughs in multiple aspects of their lives according to their own definitions of success and happiness. Daniel creates environments where people shine. In short, Daniel’s mission and obsession is helping people turn their lives into art-into the masterpiece that’s a shining reflection of the unique glory that is their essence.

He resides in Maui, Hawaii. Daniel Aaron launched His brand new book, "The Art of Spiritual Leadership: 40 Laws to Transform Your Life (and the World)". The book went live May 25, 2021, available Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Thalia etc. and became a big hit with fans of the Leadership Spiritual Development Personal Development world.

Already the book went from 0 to Best Seller in in 3 categories within the first days.

More information on the book can be found here: https://TheArtOfSpiritualLeadership.com

This is the second book Aaron has authored. The book was written with the aim in mind to Story based immersion into transformation, spirituality, leadership and radiant living. It’s part manifesto, part manual, for how to turn pains and problems into an amazing life that positively uplifts the world. Excitement surrounds this book for two main reasons. One is that in the midst of the scary and significant turmoil that’s been part of the world pandemic culture, with massive turbulence in government and corporate leadership, the field of Spiritual Leadership, a new way of leading, is rapidly becoming urgently important Two is that Daniel Aaron’s teachings, experience and contribution, which was formerly only available through live transformational event experiences, is now available to anyone, affordably and conveniently.

The Art of Spiritual Leadership: 40 Laws to Transform Your Life (and the World) sets its main focus on providing entertainment, education and inspiration for those who are interested in and/or awoken to spirituality and want to live and lead with greater congruence to their values and experience. It helps those on a spiritual path to obliterate their blocks and thus automatically increase their influence, impact and fulfillment. . Readers will likely find a particular interest in The stories, from the author’s personal experiences to those of Tina Turner, Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King Jr. are the stuff of legends. As unexpected, inspiring and fascinating as the greatest of dramas, all in service of the reader’s own hero’s journey.

The book's cover art was created by Zaida Aaron (Daniel’s daughter, age 13 at the time of publication) and "The Art of Spiritual Leadership: 40 Laws to Transform Your Life (and the World)" is being released by Aviva Publishing, New York.

Daniel Aaron has a background in entrepreneurship and personal/spiritual development. His background shaped the creation of the book in that the topic of spiritual leadership is one that he’s dedicated his own life to researching and living; his life is an experiment into this realm.

When asked about why they wrote the book, Aaron said: "I wrote The Art of Spiritual Leadership first and foremost to serve those on a spiritual path to overcome their fears and blocks, realize their past does not equal their future and to empower them to help positively guide the evolution of our people and planet."

Aaron has hopes that the book will inspire and liberate many people to live with greater fulfillment and make an even more profound positive impact in the world. This positive outlook from the author is certainly testament to their optimism considering some of the mishaps during its creation. At one point the editor lost all of his work,


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