Thanks To Free Comparison Rate Tool Electricity Shark, Texans Can Search For Ideal Electricity Plans From Comfort of Home

Cedar Park, TX - Streamlined, fluid design makes finding and purchasing an electricity plan effortless.

For many Texans searching for the ideal electricity plan for their home or business, the options can be overwhelming. Free comparison rate sites such as give Texans the power to choose their own rate, however, by informing them of the full range of power companies serving their local area, and what each company is willing to offer.

Electricity comparison Texas

Instead of making numerous phone calls or looking up individual plans at each power company’s website,’s users see every plan available to them simultaneously on a single web page. They can also see the individual rates and are provided with extra details about the plan as well as contact information for setting up an account right away. Customers never need to leave their homes or get up out of their chairs to choose and start a new plan. The process could not be easier.

“There are a lot of options for Texans when it comes to choosing what power plan to go with, so we wanted to offer something fully comprehensive, free, secure, and reliable,” co-founder and co-owner Jared Glazier says. “The site is very purposefully designed so that it is easy enough for literally anyone to use, young or old, computer-savvy or not. is designed for everyone.”

Because Texas’s energy market is deregulated, electricity rates in Texas are generally considered to be extremely competitive as opposed to other states in the union, so having electricity rate comparison tools like is essential for shoppers who want to make sure they aren’t missing any opportunities for big savings that meet the needs of their household and budget.

Many power companies in Texas offer extraordinary incentives for choosing their plan, such as free electricity after 9 p.m. or very low introductory rates. Without tools like at their disposal, Texans would miss these savings opportunities much more frequently, and power companies would be losing customers who perhaps never knew the incentives existed. Thanks to, however, power companies and Texan residents are guaranteed to get the most value possible from each other, in an innovative yet simple way.

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