Texas Hydromulching Offers Earthguard Erosion Control

Houston, TX-based Texas Hydromulching is proud to announce that they are delivering Earthguard Erosion Control to the entire community. The company offers this service in all areas of Texas. They are also making significant progress in reducing costs and improving customer results in other major areas, such as Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.

Earthguard Erosion Control is a cost-effective product that ensures customer satisfaction due to its unique formula and application. It contains a sediment control solution, which is a proprietary emulsion blend and when mixed with wood or cellulose fiber, creating what is known as an Earthguard bonded fiber matrix solution. It is considered one of the most effective products in the market. While other providers have bonded fiber matrix products, Earthguard is currently the only product that is also available in liquid form. The product is a TxDOT alternative to traditional Curlex blankets. Curlex excelsior blankets were developed in the 60s and are specifically designed to promote ideal growing conditions for grass seed — while simultaneously protecting topsoil from wind and water erosion. Learn more here: Earthguard Bonded Fiber Matrix Spray-On Blanket.

Earthguard is a product that has proven to be more effective and is also available at a lower cost. The product has a noted affinity to soil and works to hold the treated area in place regardless of the soil type. The Earthguard fiber matrix works in four ways, the first of which is that it creates a liquid net when activated with water. The long negatively charged molecules unravel and weave into the soil, physically holding it in place. The second way in which Earthguard works is that it offers soil aggregate protection. The product engulfs individual soil aggregates and keeps them whole. This prevents the soil from being broken down into smaller particles which can be washed away by heavy rain.

Earthguard also flocculates the finer sediment which has been dislodged by rainfall and controls splash erosion caused by the impact of rainfall. Fiber is used to absorb this impact and keep it from hitting the soil. The layer of fiber acts like a cushion and allows the product to continue working on the soil without any disturbance. It is important to note that this product does not create an impermeable layer or crust which can prevent water from infiltrating into the soil. Because this product does not harden, there are no factors which affect seed germination and growth. This is a point that the hydroseeding company is especially proud of.

The product falls into the category of Stabilized Fiber Matrix, commonly referred to as SFM. The Earthguard fiber matrix offers exemplary erosion and sediment control methodology that has been patented, university tested and proven on the worksite. Earthguard differs from most hydraulically applied products as it treats the soil rather than just shielding the area from rainfall. The product has been tested multiple times by the nation's top erosion control facilities and at the San Diego State University. It has faced the most severe slope and storm situations and was shown to perform at the highest levels of efficiency.

The company offers a range of solutions and always ensures that clients are educated about all available services so that they can make an informed decision. The various solutions are categorized into a ‘Good, Better, Best’ strategy. Option-1 is a basic solution that only includes seed, mulch and fertilizer, but offers no erosion control solutions. Option-2 is the ‘Better’ solution, which includes a basic Tackifier to help bind the seed to the mulch. The tackifier is a botanical glue used to stabilize soils and for dust control. It is suitable for situations such as revegetation and restoration projects or landscaping. The ‘Best’ solution recommended for enterprise level clients, anticipated heavy rainfall and steep slopes is the Earthguard Bonded Fiber Matrix.


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