Texas Breast Center Releases Article on Breast Cancer in Men

Dr. Gorman at the Texas Breast Center recently released an article discussing the risk of breast cancer in men, including risk factors, symptoms, and the statistical likelihood. While the disease is more likely to be found in women, it is still very possible to for a man to get breast cancer, so they should know what to look out for.

Advertising and common knowledge of breast cancer is generally geared towards women (consider the pink ribbon and ‘fight like a girl’ slogans). And with “breast cancer being 100 times more common in women than men, and with a man's risk of diagnosis averaging around one in 1,000,” it’s not difficult to see why the focus lies there. However, the American Cancer Society has stated that there are an average of 2,550 new male breast cancer cases annually, which “leads to around 480 deaths” every year.

By keeping men informed of the possible symptoms, as well as their own potential risk factors, they may be more likely to notice potential signs of cancer sooner rather than later, saving them difficult treatment and increasing the likelihood of survival exponentially.

Dr. Gorman also discusses the risk of breast cancer in transgender men and AFAB (assigned female at birth) non-binary people. Practices such as top surgery or hormone therapy can alter the level of risk in transgender people, so it is important for both patients and doctors to be aware of where the patient is in their journey of gender expression, where they plan to go, if anywhere, and how that can affect their breast health.

Dr. Valerie Gorman is dedicated to keeping her patients informed and is always ready to help patients find the ideal, targeted approach to breast surgery and treatment for them.


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