Texans Choose Electricity Rates They Prefer Thanks To Comparison Tool Electricity Shark

Cedar Park, TX - Free online resource gives households, business owners power to choose their own electricity rates and plans that fit their needs.

Online electricity comparison website ElectricityShark.com gives Texans the ability to quickly shop for and select an electricity plan that perfectly suits the needs of their home or business. At first glance, a service like ElectricityShark.com might not sound important, but when considering the sheer volume of options Texans have when it comes to choosing a plan, it becomes an extremely important tool to have on hand.

Electricity comparison Texas

This is because the deregulated energy economy of Texas means there are hundreds of power companies across the state vying for the business of the many homeowners and businesses moving into the region. Many of these companies offer very enticing discounts and incentives to lure customers away from their competitors. Some of these incentives might include anything from extremely low introductory rates, or free electricity after 9 p.m. With so many electricity providers offering so many options, it is very important Texans have something at their fingertips that lets them see all the plans available in their zip code.

And that is exactly where ElectricityShark.com comes in. Users simply go to the website, enter the zip code for the area they live or work in, and are presented with every available electricity plan they can buy. The information presented includes the price per kWh, the provider, and the amount of time for the contract. There is also a phone number to call the power company, sign up online, or drill into further information about the plan. This includes different usage rates and approximate monthly costs so customers can instantly determine what plan fits their budget.

Jared Glazier, co-owner and co-founder of ElectricityShark.com, says the website has become synonymous with Texans who depend on comparison tools for choosing the right company and plan for their home and business.

“The entire service is designed around ease of access,” Glazier says. “We know people are busy, and choosing an electricity plan is just one more chore getting in the way of everything else that has to happen during the day. ElectricityShark.com gives Texans the power to choose an electricity plan in seconds.”


Anyone interested in learning more about ElectricityShark.com and how easy it is to use should visit https://www.electricityshark.com.


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