Termite Specialists of Gardena Welcomes New Employees

Termite Specialists of Gardena has been in the pest control industry for over 35 years and plans to continue to provide quality pest control to thousands of families well into the future. The company has a team of 15 professionally trained exterminators who are all prepared to take on any infestation in Los Angeles County. The exterminators all have next gen pest control equipment that guarantees the best pest control results.

Termite Specialists of Gardena recently announced that they will be hiring two new employees. Teresa McArty and Zion Winnings are the newest additions to the team. Teresa has been in pest control for over ten years and this will be Zion’s first job in the pest control industry.

The president of the company talked about the new hires in a recent interview saying,”We are proud to announce that the company will be hiring Teresa McArty and Zion Winnings. Teresa has been in pest control for over ten years. She has a ton of experience in the field and knows how to treat just about every pest out there. She has a great personality and loves helping people. Zion has an incredible work ethic and a great can-do attitude. This will be his first job in pest control so we plan to train him well on how to treat every pest and we know he is going to love it here. They both seem excited to start work and help as many families with pest control as they can.”

The company also announced recently that they have noticed a large increase in the number of rodent infestations in the area. Due to this, the pest control business has been very busy so they hope that these two new hires will help control the infestations even more.

An employee of Termite Specialists of Gardena spoke recently about this spike in infestations, “Pests are getting to be harder and harder to treat. Everyday treatments aren’t working like they used to because pests are growing more resilient to these methods. They are growing immune to over the counter products like pest sprays and traps. Professional services are becoming the most sensible option.”

When concerns of a pest infestation in a residential or commercial property are present, think about calling Termite Specialists of Gardena. They provide custom built services that are attuned to each species of pest. This allows for the most effective and efficient methods of getting rid of an infestation.

They also provide routine checkups and emergency services. Their highest reviewed treatments are for termites, cockroaches, and bees or wasps. Contact them by phone or go to their website at https://termitecontrolgardena.com/. Their hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every weekday and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday. They also provide free consultations via phone.


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