Tempo, a Modern Mediterranean Restaurant, Has Opened in Sault Ste. Marie Canada with COVID Conscious Features

Tempo, a Mediterranean Restaurant with a modern flair, has been newly opened in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, with COVID-conscious features. In view of the current pandemic, this restaurant was built with safety in mind. Seating pods are spaced out properly to allow customers not only to enjoy a private meal but also be safe from the risks of getting the virus. Their pods allow for private dining and peace of mind while their open kitchen allows customers to observe the restaurant’s talented chefs’ culinary skills as they prepare the meals.

For safety precautions, they ensure proper cleaning and sanitizing; social distancing; and the use of personal protective equipment. They ensure that the restaurant is clean and sanitised by following a number of rules. These include ensuring that surfaces are cleaned and sanitised between seatings; provision of disposable, digital, or sanitised menu; daily deep cleaning of common areas; availability of contactless payment; and provision of wipes or sanitizer to customers.

Meanwhile, waitstaff always have to wear masks and diners must also wear masks unless they are drinking or eating. To practice social distancing, they ensure that there is only a limited number of seated diners; extra spaces are ensured between tables; distancing is always maintained in the common areas; and sick staff are not allowed in the workplace.

The name “Tempo,” which is the Italian word for “time,” was used to represent the passage of time. The Marconi Cultural Event Centre, which owns Tempo restaurant, has been in existence for more than 100 years and has become an icon in their community. The Marconi is known for their delicious genuine Italian cuisine made by hand using the best quality ingredients. Tempo Modern Mediterranean restaurant maintains the Marconi classics that customers have come to love, while adapting to the future with a new restaurant concept.

The restaurant founders were inspired by Mediterranean flavours and they source their ingredients from local markets, farms, and auctions to provide customers with authentic dishes while supporting their community. Their chefs have crafted new and unique dishes that enable food replacements and substitutions to cater to the preferences of the modern diner.

This restaurant provides a relaxed atmosphere with nightly features, ambient music, a wine list, and specialty cocktails. They also have the capacity to accommodate bigger groups while still maintaining private dining and social distancing. Their goal is to provide diners with a memorable experience and make sure that they enjoy their time at the restaurant.

The Marconi Cultural Event Centre, originally the Guglielmo Marconi Society, was a not-for-profit organisation that advocated for the advancement and promotion of Italian culture in the community of Sault Ste. Marie. The organisation has gradually evolved into a popular banquet hall that is focused on special events, such as bridal showers, wedding receptions, stag and doe parties, graduations, rehearsal dinner partied, corporate events, and banquets.

They also have catering services that offer an authentic Italian flavour to any event and several favourite dishes can be ordered from their newly updated take-out menu. Customers are encouraged to visit the Marconi if they are interested in the recent renovations and changes as they continue to diversify, preserve their legacy, challenge their own imaginations, and preserve the legacy of the Italian immigrants in the community of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada.

So far, Tempo Modern Mediterranean restaurant has already received several five-star reviews. For instance, Rachel G. gave them five stars and said, “We were promptly sat for our reservation. Very clean restaurant where distance was maintained between diners. Knowledgeable, friendly staff were well versed in the menu. And above all else - delicious food.”

Johanne C. also gave the Tempo restaurant a five-star rating and said, “Our server was knowledgeable about dishes and attentive during our stay. Menu wasn't extensive but covers all tastes. Our dishes were hot and excellently prepared. The charcuterie board for 4 was outstanding. Management sent over a complimentary vegetable dish and birthday dessert. Overall, it was a great value for what we had. I'd definitely recommend this restaurant.”

Those who want to know more about the Tempo Modern Mediterranean restaurant may want to check out their website or follow Tempo's Facebook page.


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