Temecula Party Bus Company Adds 2 New Vehicles to Its Party Bus Fleet

Temecula, California – After having to split groups of more than 30 people for years, Temecula Party Bus Company has finally invested in a solution. The company has purchased two new party buses – one capable of fitting 31 to 40 passengers and another designed for 41 to 50 people.

Speaking during the vehicles’ unveiling event, Temecula Party Bus Company CEO had the following to say, “When heading to events, friends want to stick together on the road. That is the only way they can have fun together, talk, and bond. In the past, we were always forced by our options to split groups above thirty people. This is something we will no longer do. Our new party buses have enough room for up to 50 people – this means that friends can stick together on the road, irrespective of the size of the group.”

Temecula Party Bus Company

Operating in Temecula – and neighborhoods like Glenoak Hills, Paseo Del Sol, Meadowview, Redhawk, Wolf Creek, Crowne Hill, Aubrey Place, and Chardonnay Hills - Temecula Party Bus Company is a company that makes travel fun and satisfying. On its website - https://www.limofind.com/ca/temecula-party-bus-rental/ - the company reports that its party buses have modern entertainment amenities that range from the best stereo system, Aux/iPod connections that allow customers to play their music, spacious dance floor so that the customers can move their bodies when the beats hit, a minibar, high-definition TVs, and much more.

“Working with us turns every trip into a party,” said the company’s CEO. “Instead of staring at the traffic and wondering when you will arrive at the event, you can sip your drinks, get up and dance, or sit down in the reclining sits and enjoy the shows playing on the TVs.”

Temecula Party Bus Company reports that its vehicles handle all types of events. The company is hired to help with wedding transportation, bachelorette/bachelor parties, nights out on the town, corporate travel, proms, and much more.

“The amenities in our party buses can be adjusted to meet your needs,” said the chief of field operations, “If you want us to take your kids to the prom, the buses will come with non-alcoholic beverages and amenities designed for kids. If you hire us for a bachelorette party, you can have everything from the wine and champagne to the dance poles inside the party bus.”

Temecula Party Bus Company offices are located at 27226 Vía Industria, Temecula, CA 92590, United States. To talk to the company, call +1 951-309-7585 or send an email to sales@limofind.com.


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