Teen Suicide Is Far Too Common, Says Imagine by Northpoint

Bellevue, WA - Imagine by Northpoint Bellevue recently released information showcasing some of the research they utilize when creating their treatment program. The research was done by the National Institute of Mental Health and indicated teen suicide is a far too common and heartbreaking outcome for teens.

“[Teens] experience dramatic physical, emotional, and social changes that make them particularly susceptible to mental health problems, which oftentimes go undetected,” Imagine by Northpoint Bellevue said in a statement.

Teens talking in group

Helping teens overcome their emotional distress, and especially suicidal thoughts, are two of the most important goals for Imagine by Northpoint’s partial hospitalization program (PHP) that is open to all adolescents and teens, between the ages of 12 and 17.

PHP is scheduled for five days a week with a six-hour treatment session each day. Imagine by Northpoint Bellevue specifies that the individual’s needs help to dictate the length of treatment. Parents or guardians are always present for intake and may even participate in certain therapy sessions.

The National Institute of Mental Health compiled statistics showing that in 2018, suicide was one of the leading causes of death for those over the age of ten and under the age of 34. Imagine by Northpoint Bellevue has studied—and continues to study—results from in-depth and scientific studies such as this.

Imagine by Northpoint Bellevue lists certain symptoms of teenagers that could be signs of mental health struggles, saying “Difficulty following rules, verbal and/or physical aggression, poor academic performance, self-isolation, and suicidal thoughts are only a handful of behavioral problems that youth struggling with mental health disorders may display.”

They stress that due to the hormonal, emotional, and social upheaval teenagers experience as a normal aspect of their aging, knowing when to reach out for help can sometimes be quite difficult. They also state the importance of doing so sooner rather than later.

“Not addressing a teen’s mental health condition can have consequences that extend into adulthood and can impair both their physical and mental health,” Imagine by Northpoint Bellevue representatives said. “As a result, they may experience limited opportunities and difficulties in beginning to live as adults within society.”

Imagine by Northpoint Bellevue is located in Bellevue, Washington with additional locations in Boise and Nampa, Idaho. The Imagine by Northpoint locations are staffed by licensed professionals that include NCQA credentialed providers. They utilize evidence-based treatments and create a recovery environment that is treatment-based and tailored to the individual. More information can be found at Imagine by Northpoint Bellevue.


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