Tech Tutorials And A Windows Security Guide Are Now Available At Techbomb

Techbomb, a tech blog, has been offering the latest tech-related news and hacking tutorials and would like to reach out to more tech enthusiasts who may be in search of a reliable source of information on the industry. Their site can be found at It is currently one of the most trusted tech news information suppliers on the internet. Their tutorials are divided by category while their news section lists all the latest posts in chronological order for convenient access.

The blog is particularly good at providing comprehensive Windows guides. From Wi-Fi troubleshooting tips to videogame error codes, Techbomb has an answer for almost anything related to Windows. Each post offers step-by-step instructions that can help the user fix almost any problem with relative ease — or point them towards a professional that can help them fix a problem that requires expert insight to resolve properly. Readers can also find clubhouse guides and gaming guides which cover a variety of games in many different genres, from fighting games like Tekken to classics like Monopoly. The blog has a ‘Best Guides’ section where some of their top rated guides can be found. Visit their news section here:

One of their most popular guides teaches Windows users how to stop Windows 10 from using a large amount of data. “Windows has been here for years now, and it’s clear that it uses a lot of data in the background for you to keep working fluidly,” the article says. “The OS has been designed in such a way that it always keeps your Windows ready to use, automatically updated with the latest software and security patches. But not everyone wants so much fluidity because not everyone has an unlimited data plan. Without compromising on the functionality and fluidity of your system, we will be telling you 3 ways to reduce data usage in Windows 10 and make the best use of your data plan.”

Here, the article offers a series of descriptive instructions that anyone will be able to follow regardless of their familiarity with tech. Each step can be as simple as teaching the user to open the Settings menu or even explaining the process of disabling or removing any data hungry applications (like Live Updates). The end of the article lists a number of commonly asked questions and provides succinct yet detailed answers to said questions. Some of the questions addressed include what happens when background data is turned off, how to turn off background restrictions and how to stop background intelligent transfer service.

Another popular post explains how to turn off one’s antivirus in order to speed up a computer. Antiviruses like Avast tend to use a fairly large amount of resources, which in turn slows down the computer. With the help of Techbomb and their article on disabling Avast temporarily, readers can safely speed up their computer by getting rid of one of the most resource heavy programs they can find on any computer.

Techbomb’s blog posts also delve into the world of gaming, both on PC and mobile, and readers can find a great deal of gaming-related content. This includes a highly popular post titled ‘12 Best Racing Games For PC.’ The post says, “Whether you’re an arcade racer or sought something similar to the driving game, you will have a remarkable experience with each of these series of best racing games for PC. Almost all of these support multiplayer mode or at least a co-op mode so that you can play with other players. From something that has inspired people to become a racer to having fun driving a customized car and racing against other top-tiers, this list has everything. So go ahead and select your engine, and get ready to rev up the enthralling racing experience on your PC like never before!”

For more information, visit Techbomb’s Facebook page at Techbomb is quickly becoming one of the most reliable sources of tech-related information on the internet, and they are, for good reason, the primary source of news and information from the world of technology for many in their readership.


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