Tech Life Media Launches New Website to Offer the Latest Topics and Life Hacks

Tech Life Media, based in Lynden, Washington, has announced the launch of their new website, which is designed to provide visitors the latest topics and detailed life hacks to help improve vital aspects of their lives. The topics are subdivided into a number of categories, such as health, financial, and lifestyle aspects of people’s lives. Examples of helpful posts include the articles on how to create several streams of affiliate marketing revenue online, understanding depression, how to double promotional email earnings and also from ecommerce, healthy and balanced foods, and the roots of workplace violence.

Dan L, a spokesperson for Tech Life Media, says, “We are a 25-year veteran company that has been selling and helping customers with all their tech needs. Through the years we a had an active bricks & mortar stores and have grown our business to a complete ecommerce solution helping customers throughout North America. With sales in excess of 50 million we have seen a tremendous change in technology. We have acquired a vast experience in tech and love serving our customers which we have built fantastic relationships with. We source products all over the world to get the best quality and price for them. And as a way of giving back to our customers, we offer articles that many people will find helpful in improving their lives.”

In the Tech Life Media Lifestyle section, the articles are focused on how to live life better. The topics of the articles in this section include the roots of workplace violence, some information regarding Canada’s Independence Day, applying for a student loan, and the safest way to purchase a new home.

Tech Life Media also a number of helpful products. One example is a VR Headset, which is compatible with the iPhone and Android phone. It features an ergonomic design with its T-shaped shoulder strap that balances head pressure; decreases face and head pressure by 30 percent; and will not cause dizziness or fatigue when the user is viewing glasses with 3D VR. This shoulder strap is adjustable for various sizes of heads. Its professional lenses substantially minimize optical deformities, glare, and eye strain. It is compatible with 5- to 7-inch phones and its mirror lenses have exceptional clarity that allow the user to experience VR movies with a visual experience that is similar to IMAX.

Another product being offered is the Anti Cellulite Cream, which has been designed to eliminate unwanted fat on the thighs, abdomen, hips, and buttocks skin. It may help get rid of the appearance of cellulite and burn away those unwanted fat cells. It may also be used as a massage cream during general massage to target cellulite and fatty problem areas. It also contains chamomile, which means that it may help with a number of ailments, such as muscle spasms. It may also be used as a pain relief cream.

In the Tech Life Media Health sections are articles that provide information regarding people’s concerns regarding health. One article offers a guide to the nature of mental depression and anxiety and what symptoms to look for. Other topics include eating healthy and balanced foods; the advantages of teeth whitening kits; six tips for using hypnosis to stay young; easy ways of juicing; using home automation systems to provide convenience and extra comfort in daily life; using yoga to enhance overall well-being; and the importance of using hiking sticks.

Another important product available through Tech Life Media is a Back Brace that can serve as a Posture Corrector and as an Adjustable Back, Shoulder, Lumbar, Spine and Back Support. This back brace utilizes breathable and comfortable cotton materials and it has a special-eight open design to easily adjust the tightness.

Those who are interested in the articles posted by Tech Life Media, including the various products that they have to offer, may want to visit their website, or contact them on the telephone, or via email.


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