Tech Life Media Announces World Release of Orion Traffic App

Tech Life Media, a company based in Lynden, WA, is happy to announce the worldwide release of the Orion traffic app. According to the company, this is a one click software developed by Billy Darr that automatically “blasts” any link to 200 sources with the result that it offers free and unlimited buyer traffic in just 60 seconds.

This particular free traffic app is suitable even for a beginner with no technical skill or experience. And because the software does the work, there are a number of advantages, such as: the work being done automatically and there’s no need for manual labor; elimination of human error; and production of quick traffic and sales. The user only has to devote a few minutes a day to obtain the desired results. The process is fully automated and there’s no margin for failure.

Orion Traffic App

This traffic app can be used to drive traffic to any link and it doesn’t matter what is being sold, such as affiliate offers, high ticket products, own products, or e-commerce or Amazon sales. Orion will work with all kinds of networks and major platforms, including WarriorPlus, ClickBank, JvZoo, Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and more.

Everything that is required, even for the beginner, is provided, such as the new Orion software; step-by-step tutorials through videos; a quick start guide that shows to the user how to activate Orion and start getting traffic and sales, in seconds; a checklist; a special live question and answer call only for customers to make sure that everyone can use Orion to obtain the desired results fast.

For those who purchase Orion, five gifts worth $4,285 are being offered. The first bonus allows the user to swipe the very same offers the company has been using to produce an average of $1,109 per day, every single day of the year throughout 2021, without the need for advertising expenses.

The second bonus allows the user to activate the very same system that the company has been using to receiving several $411.02 payments each day. This system has been tried and assured to work well with the Orion software. The third bonus is an invitation to a private live online event that will show attendees how to make $1,000 to $25,000 a day.

The fourth bonus shows how to create a passive income system that continues to produce income even while the user is doing something else, such as relaxing or even sleeping. And the fifth bonus provides a system that allows the user to make the first sale in just 60 seconds without any need for paid traffic, a list, or anything else complicated.

There are also three bonus gifts for the first 250 buyers. The first gift is OrionSend, which delivers an unlimited number of email messages with built-in SMTP. There will never be any monthly fees, which amount to $2,997 a year. The second bonus is OrionFunnels, which replaces ClickFunnels. It allows the user to build an unlimited number of funnel with no monthly fees ever. This amounts to a value of $3,600 a year. The third gift is OrionDrive, which is a cloud storage portal that can host an unlimited number of files with no monthly files ever. This amounts to a value of $997 a year.

This Orion software offer is risk-free because it is 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. This means that if the user utilizes the software but is unable to get results, not only will they refund the amount paid but they will also send the customer an additional $500. They also offer an unconditional 365-day money back guarantee. Therefore, if for whatever reason, the customer wants the money refunded, they will send back every cent.

The user doesn’t need any previous experience or any technical sills to obtain the free buyer traffic that can be provided by the app. Plus, step-by-step video training is provided, ensuring that the customer will know how to use the app.

Those who are interested in the Orion app can check out the Tech Life Media website or contact them on the telephone or via email.


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