Team81 President & CEO Dr. Jamie Williams Featured By NFLPA’s The Trust

McLean, VA based Team81’s President and CEO Dr. Jamie Williams was recently featured by The Trust — powered by the NFLPA. The former Super Bowl champion achieved great success after his time in the NFL, managing to defy the idea that a black man is often measured only by the sport he plays. He now oversees Team81, Inc., an IT Professional Services company, located in McLean and across the United States.

Dr. Williams founded Team81, Inc. in 2020 as a way to pursue his entrepreneurial interests. His primary goal is creating and growing a successful minority-owned company that offers exceptional service while also being a great place to work. Their mission statement says that Team81 exists to deliver pioneering, professional services with a strong focus on supply chain resiliency, digital transformation and workforce automation to improve the success and sustainability of businesses.

Team 81 - Dr. Jamie Williams

Some of the aspects that set Team81 apart is the fact that the company is minority-owned with robust access to talent, and is infused with industry capability. Dr. Williams is a shining example of an athlete succeeding after their time as a successful athlete. He says, “I'm extremely fortunate to have had great male and female mentors throughout my trek who helped me succeed beyond athletics but in education, business and life. I hope my story and continued journey inspires other young black men to dream big, become skill-eclectic and dare to achieve passionate goals.”

Dr. Williams’ principles, along with the lessons learned during his journey as a professional athlete, Super Bowl winner and entrepreneur, are reflected in the way Team81 chooses to do business. Some of his core ideologies include ethical leadership, design thinking and strategic flexibility, among many other things. The company’s vision is to deliver superior future technology and services that benefit people by delivering high quality solutions and customer satisfaction at every opportunity.

Team 81 is a future-focused services IT specialist that helps organizations accelerate transformation, workforce efficiency and supply networks. Using design thinking, automation tools and talent development through vision, agility and culture, Team81 provides their clients with effective services. The company places a great deal of emphasis on working together as a whole, and they believe that teamwork interdependence is the key to innovation, delivery and success. The company also has a culture of working hand in hand with clients to proactively improve integrated business, supply chains and secure information processes.

Their services are designed to manage and grow a company’s digital business, digital operations and digital systems. They provide clients with the opportunity to enhance ingenuity and expertise by improving predictive ability, staying ahead of Big Data and optimizing risk management. Another one of Team81’s services is workforce orientation and skill development automation, which helps make work more efficient by reducing redundancies. This is accomplished by successfully interplaying people, systems and processes to upgrade operations. Additionally, they offer assistance with supply chain re-format and autonomy — which helps their clients benefit from higher speed, efficiency and lower costs by using analytics to create autonomous supply chains.

As a result of being minority-owned, Team81 is built to compete and offer internal capability. They have built a substantial network of both internal and external contacts who make it possible to better address the needs and wants of all the company’s clients with the help of their proactive software development processes. In addition, the company has no pre-COVID legacy; this effectively means that all their policies and methods of operation are built for the post-COVID era.

Multiple sectors are turning to technology due to the global pandemic. Team81, as a company founded after the pandemic started, is uniquely equipped to do business in a post-COVID world, and this is made possible by the company’s inherent ability to anticipate technology and workforce developments to stay ahead of the curve.

Team81 has modern solutions for modern problems in a post-COVID framework. Visit their website for more information. Dr. Jamie Williams and Team81’s services have the potential to revolutionize any business, and the company is always looking to help new clients. Those interested in learning more about Dr. Williams’ recent feature in The Trust (Powered by the NFLPA) are welcome to direct their inquiries to Team 81.


For more information about Team 81, contact the company here:

Team 81
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